Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE the sunshine. I am happiest when I’m warm and the sun is shining. Seasonal Affective Disorder crawls off to a corner to die and out come the legs, sun lotion and smiles.

The problem is, summer is never quite the same when you’re a grown-up with responsibilities. For the last week (barr yesterday), we’ve been enjoying 24 degree celsius sunshine across Gloucestershire. So naturally you’d assume I’m sprawled out on a sun lounger at the Lido whilst the kids are at school.

I wish.

Instead, I’ve taken the opportunity to get a ton of housework done.

I’ve actually made it to the bottom of both wash baskets and that’s quite an achievement for a family of six. I can’t remember the last time I saw both baskets empty at the same time!

I’m cracking on with a big spring clean because cleaning is so much more pleasant when every window in the house is open.

We’ve bought flowers for the hanging baskets, petrol and oil for the strimmer, and a lawnmower. I secretly went out and bought the lawnmower whilst Mike was at work and felt so very grown-up learning to use it all by myself. Independent woman, me!

yellow violas, hanging basket, 24 degrees of housework

Our garden previously resembled more of an overgrown meadow than a lawn, so we are spending a good few man hours outside, really putting our backs into the garden. I’ve even been pulling up weeds and pruning my bush! It will be so much nicer when it’s done and we can eat our dinner outside, on the picnic bench, in the evenings.

Kids gardening, 24 degrees of housework, gardening

Whilst those ARE my children, this sadly isn’t my garden! (It’s also not child labour either – this is my children’s version of “fun”)

So yes… whilst I’d love to be chilling by the pool right now… I’m actually adulting. I’m using this glorious weather to do housework. I have cuts all over my hands, many a broken fingernail (with soil under my nails), scratches all up my arms, some kind of Ragwort rash and sunburn. Very bad sunburn! So in reality, we’ve had 24 degrees of housework and gardening. Glamourous hey?!


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