Since I moved to my current house, I have decluttered immensely. When I unpacked from moving in, I got rid of loads of stuff. When my now-husband moved in, I got rid of even more stuff, to make room for his stuff. And as we’ve been working our way through the house, both doing and planning for various home improvements, we’ve decluttered further still. But it seems the more I declutter, the more I want to declutter. I like the minimalistic look in houses. I don’t want us to have our stuff all on show and I know that between us, we have a lot of stuff. I am becoming less of a hoarder and it’s made me much more relaxed. I want everything to have a home (hidden away) so that it’s easier to keep tidy and we know where everything is, when we need something. I imagine the decluttering will stop when I am finally happy that we have made our house a home and we are proud of it.

Hands up who owns a box of cables… that you haven’t looked used in years? Do you even know what any of them are for? I bet you there’s one in there for an old fashioned Nokia from the noughties!

Well it is time now to sell broken iPhone, Androids and two decade old phones and their accessories. Do we really need all this stuff cluttering up our homes? If you can’t sell it, recycle it. 

Whilst we are confessing… who else owns clothes which are more than 10 years old? Okay… so what about having clothes you bought when you were 16 years old, when you are now 32 years old and STILL WEAR THEM?! I even have a pair of pyjamas that my mum bought me from the wholesaler when my parents owned a shop. They say “Age 14”. I was tall as a teen, so I always wore clothes a year bigger. So these pyjamas, I probably wore when I was 13 years old. I should be chuffed really, that after puberty, two marriages and four children later, they still fit!

What about books… You have a whole shelf full of books, that you’ve already read. You kept them because they were REALLY GOOD BOOKS, that you loved reading. But realistically, what are the chances that you are going to read the same book again?

And that DVD that you bought because it looked good, but actually it was diabolical… WHY did you keep it?

My point is, until you really think about it, you probably don’t even realise just how much stuff you are storing in your home, that you really don’t need.

So that’s one of my tasks for this week – to declutter AGAIN. I’m hoping I can get enough stuff together to make a car boot sale worth doing.

What’s the worst thing you’ve hung onto for years that you really don’t need? 



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