When you are living a busy family life, juggling parenting, work, blogging, housework, sports, days out and everything else that comes along, it’s sometimes hard to find husband and wife time.

Take your minds out of the gutter… I’m not talking about what you do when the children are in bed!

I mean finding the time, to go somewhere and do something nice, just the two of you.

My husband and I try our very best, to get at least one date night a month and at least a few lunch dates or breakfast dates each month. Finances obviously dictate some of this too, but I actually think it’s really important for us to spend quality time together, outside the house. Sometimes we do take Baby Bear along with us, which makes it a little less date-like, but it’s still nice nonetheless. We have a few regular breakfast date haunts and we like to try as many different places as possible when it comes to lunch dates or evening dates.


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Now that summer is here, we are beginning to think a little more outside the box and ponder alternative ideas for husband and wife dates. 

For example, next week, we are considering going to the driving range and having a bash at golf. To be honest… in my case, I will probably quite literally be bashing away at it and probably not even able to hit the golf ball, but I’m game for anything me. Mike has a nice set of Mizuno irons at his dad’s house that we can use. You never know though, I might surprise us both… afterall, Mike and I did get the exact same scores at crazy golf on my birthday!

Mike mentioned fishing the other day… I’m not so sure I’d find that one enjoyable though.

A few weeks after the anniversary of our engagement, we went up in a hot air balloon, which is something I have wanted to do ever since I saw my mum go up in one when I was a little girl. This was actually supposed to be “the proposal” but sadly our flight got cancelled on the original date and Mike simply couldn’t wait to propose to me, so he ended up proposing at the Painswick Rococo Gardens.


And for our first wedding anniversary, this very weekend, we are going to see Ed Sheeran live in concert. To make it more of a celebration, we are going to stay in a four star London Hotel with breakfast and maybe even a nice evening dinner too.

I think it’s vital within a marriage to make time for each other, to do things that are different and romantic. I think it’s important to listen to each other, make each other laugh and indulge in as many public displays of affection as we see fit. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for the children, and largely, our lives revolve around them, but we mustn’t lose sight of who we are either. Never underestimate the importance of husband and wife dates, in keeping a marriage alive.




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  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    I love that you go out together just the two of you so often. Your hot air balloon flight looked amazing. My husband and I seem to go out together less and less! We did have lunch together on his birthday the other day and have a day out in London for our wedding anniversary next month. We’re at an awkward stage where we don’t feel we can ask for babysitters, as my donis 16, but my daughter doesn’t really want to be left at home for too long with just her brothers!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..How my half marathon times have improved in over 20 years of runningMy Profile

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