A few months ago I blogged about a gymnastics competition in Sherborne, Dorset, where Bunny was really quite upset at not placing. I wrote that she had two more acro gymnastics competitions coming up, so her trio have time to perfect their routine. Well… One of those competitions was this weekend just gone and the other was the week before. Here’s how she got on…

Club competition

The first competition was the club competition – where the gymnasts only compete against other members of their own club. It’s a friendly, good spirited competition. I went along to watch and the twins decided they wanted to come and watch too. Bunny and her partners executed their routine with much more precision than the Sherborne comp. They were much more in time. They didn’t make any huge mistakes. There were only two moments that I counted them being out of time. They were against two other trios competing at CDC level 2. I realise that the judges look at much more technical things than I do, but their performance seemed much cleaner. I was confident they’d done well. And they did. Bunny and her partners got first place and took home a gold medal each.

Bristol Invitational

The Bristol Invitational last year, was Bunny’s first ever external competition. The first competition she had done outside of her own club. This was to be her second time there and her third time competing in her current trio with their current routine. But there was one problem. I couldn’t make it. Mike and I had already bought tickets to see Ed Sheeran when the competition was announced and nobody else in our family could make it to support her either. Not phased in the slightest, Bunny excitedly travelled down to the competition with one of her partners.

Mike and I received regular updates via text from Bunny and via her partners mum, who kindly sent us photos and a video of their performance. We watched their routine whilst enjoying afternoon tea in our London hotel and I felt a twinge of mum-guilt about not being there. I LOVE watching her perform and compete. It conjures a great pride in me. That’s my little girl!

Their routine seemed improved even on the week before. They weren’t out of time at all. They made no mistakes. They looked great. I text Bunny and told her how well she had done and how proud we are of her. Again they were competing against two other CDC level 2 trios. A few hours later we received another message, accompanied by a podium photograph…
“They did it! Gold!”

After the disappointment of doing so badly at Sherborne (I think they came 16th), the three of them had worked hard, polished their routine and won 1st place, two weeks in a row. How fantastic is that?!

I’m hugely grateful to Bunny’s coaches at the gym and to her partners mums for taking such good care of her and making it possible for her to still go to the competition. The gym is becoming like an extra little family now. A family that’s about to expand as I’ve now registered the twins to start in July!

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