Mike and I are excited to announce that we have FINALLY booked our honeymoon. Only one year and two months belated! We are going to…

*Drumroll please*


This is going to make for some awesome posts on the travel blog and a lot of relaxation. We’ve booked a five star all inclusive resort and are staying in a platinum suite with butler service, jacuzzi on our balcony and a private beach. We are SO excited!

Leaving the children at home

We went back and forth for months, debating whether or not we COULD realistically have a honeymoon just the two of us. And then whether or not we SHOULD have a holiday just the two of us. We felt that it wouldn’t have that “honeymoon feel” if it was a family holiday, but at the same time, we knew we’d miss them so much. We pondered whether or not it was selfish to have a honeymoon without the children. We even asked it as a question on Twitter (I think in the end there was something like 98% of people saying it’s not selfish – go and enjoy yourselves and just one or two people saying it’s selfish not to take them). We knew we would never be able to afford Mexico for six in the school holidays. Eventually we decided that we should have a proper honeymoon and let the children enjoy some time with family. We have plenty of holidays planned to take them on in the next few years.

So thanks to family, we have childcare all covered, for which we are so so grateful. We’ve only had one child-free night in our entire relationship, so the prospect of a child free holiday is both terrifying and exciting all at once. But it allows us to have a proper honeymoon and spend some much needed time together just focusing on each other.

Medical Checks

I have not flown long haul since I was 13 years old, so I’m a little apprehensive about the flight. We are going to take Seabands for both of us, to hopefully prevent nausea. And we have both scheduled nurse appointments for vaccinations. I’ve had a tetanus booster due to having a vulnerable immune system and we are both having Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccines too. Playa Del Carmen, where we are going, is very low risk for malaria so we’ve been advised that malaria tablets are not necessary. Deet however, is apparently essential for warding off the mosquitoes.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is always a hot topic in our home due to us both having complicated medical histories. It’s surprising how many travel insurance companies hide in their small print, that they won’t cover you AT ALL if you’ve had cancer in the last 10 years. So we will probably stick with All Clear Travel Insurance who specialise in insurance for people like us. Last time we took out an annual policy which covered all six of us.

Holiday Shopping

Pre-holiday shopping… Whoop whoop! I know we are definitely going to need some new clothes. I’m currently looking at Groupon as they’ve teamed up with Pretty Little Thing and have some gorgeous dresses and playsuits. Mike needs to shop around for some new shorts too and we bought new shoes the other day. A bikini is also on the list, as is a sun hat and sunglasses. I need to pop into the opticians and see if I can get some prescription sunglasses, so I can see the pretty views from our balcony.

Day Trips

We’ve already started looking online at all the incredible places there are to visit for day trips near where we are going. There’s an ecological park called Xcaret which looks fantastic and I love the idea of booking a dolphin encounter there. There are also sites of ancient Mayan ruins, underground sea caves and the town of Playa Del Carmen to visit. Potentially we could even day trip over to the Island of Cozumel. I think we will probably take a shortlist of things we’d like to do and decide when we get there.


As well as printing off our tickets, checking our passports are fine and checking in online, we also need to buy currency. The currency in Mexico is Mexican Nuevo Peso’s, although one of the perks of going to an all inclusive is that we won’t need much spending money!

So as you can see, our honeymoon planning is in full swing, but I don’t think it will really sink in that we are going until we actually get there!

  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    How exciting for you! So glad you’ve finally got your honeymoon booked and even better that it’s five-star! You’re going to have the best time and you just know the children are in very capable hands. I look forward to reading all about it (and admiring your photos!) when you get home. x
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..Silent Sunday 29.7.18My Profile

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