Bunny has now left Primary school and in just a few weeks time, she will be starting secondary school. She was determined that she would be leaving Primary school on a high and leave us feeling mighty proud. So I wanted to share a little of her last few weeks of school.

School Report and SAT’s Results

Bunny’s school report was excellent. She was on target or above for everything and the glowing comments were full of praise and pride from her teachers. 

“She has really come out of her shell and showcased her personality, which is bright and cheery and coupled with a fantastic sense of humour”

“She has also thrived academically: She has excelled in Maths and English and I’m really proud of her for the focus and diligence she’s shown this year. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have her in the class”

Bunny did great in her SATS results, getting above average scores in all three sections. The expected score is 100 and the national average for 2018 was 104 for Maths, 105 for Reading and 106 for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS). Bunny scored 106 in Reading, 108 in Maths and an impressive 117 for GPS.

The twins also got the results of their Year 1 phonics test. Tiny passed with flying colours but Fluffy didn’t get anywhere near the pass mark. I can’t help but wonder if the school got the twins mixed up as it’s usually Tiny who struggles with phonics and reading and Fluffy who sails through it. I fear when Fluffy does her retest, she could be passing a second time and Tiny not passing at all. I guess we will never know though.

Sports day

Last year on sports day, Bunny won the 200metres. This year she wasn’t so confident. Some of her friends had been training and she’d had to sit out all running for the past few months due to a recent diagnosis of Osgood-Schlatter Disease. She’d had to sit out the Daily Mile at school, give up football and athletics clubs, sit out quite a lot of PE and give up Park Run at the weekends. But whilst her confidence was low, her determination was not. And not only did she win the 200metres again this year, but she won with some space between her and second place.


1st place podium position, sports day, standing in first place

                                  1st place on the podium


Tiny placed third in her running race at sports day too, but sadly Fluffy didn’t win anything. She looked very cute though and I’m proud of them all for trying their best. They even got me up running the daily mile with them afterwards!


sports day, running,

Fluffy running on Sports day

sports day, standing on the podium, school life, end of term

Tiny standing on the podium


School Newspaper

Bunny couldn’t leave school without having the last word, so it was no surprise to see she’d written an article for the school newspaper, which came out on the last day of term. This was her second article in the school newspaper this year. I think she loves that she has a writer for a mum and I think it’s sweet that she enjoys doing something that I love too. Although she’s a step ahead of me as she’s already had a short story published in a book and she’s only 11.

Talent Show

Bunny has driven us mad banging on about the school talent show all year. She’d been planning her entry (a gymnastics routine choreographed with her best friend) since the start of year 6. But in the past few months, she’s come home from school every other day saying something different. One minute she and her best friend are doing the routine, the next minute she is doing a solo routine, and then she’s not doing gymnastics at all but singing with someone else. And then singing solo. And then changing the song. And then not singing. And back to gymnastics but changing the song. And then back to doing a routine with her best friend again. She drove us round the bend with all the drama. When the day of the auditions arrived, she went into school, with plans to do a solo gymnastics routine, which she had made up the day before. When she came home from school, it emerged that in the end, she and her best friend had done their pairs routine after all. And not only that, but they’d also gotten through to the final.

The day of the talent show final, I had teachers coming up to me in the playground, telling me how talented the two of them are and how amazed they all were by their gymnastics routine. Some of them weren’t even her teachers! The pair of them had wowed everyone with their routine and won the whole talent show. They came out of school buzzing with excitement and on the very last day of school, they were each presented with a trophy to take home and keep. I felt so very proud and also a little sad, because she and her best friend are not going to be at the same secondary school. It was a bittersweet moment.


parents evening, school days, primary school, parenting

Leavers Assembly

As is standard with most primary schools, all the year 6 children leaving primary school did a leavers assembly, which the parents were invited to attend. Bunny and her friends entertained us all with anecdotes of their favourite school memories and all stood together on stage singing, which was really quite a lovely moment. The most entertaining moment though, was seeing the slideshow of all the year 6 children’s baby photos, projected up on to the wall of the school hall. And me being a mean Mummy, had sent in two cute but rather funny photos of Bunny as a baby. The children all laughed at each others baby photos but Bunny by far got the biggest laughs, which left her with her hand over her mouth, laughing hysterically with her friends. Just to embarrass her a little more… here’s one of the photos…



KS2 School performance

The key stage 2 performance this year, is probably going to remain, my all time most precious memory of Bunny’s entire time at primary school. They performed Cinderella Rockerfella, which is an alternative version of Cinderella. The acting and singing from all of the children was the best I’ve seen in any primary school performance. It was funny and entertaining. But there was one huge highlight for me. Bunny told me that she had a solo part in one of the songs. She hadn’t rehearsed in front of me even once. I assumed it’d be a line or two. Maybe even a whole verse. What I didn’t realise, was that she and her friend, would be singing a whole song, just the two of them, each singing alternate verses. And what I hadn’t prepared for, was how emotional it would make me feel.

Bunny was playing the part of Buttons, Cinderella’s best friend. She and Cinderella had to sing a song about friendship and always being there for each other. They took it in turn to sing a verse each and then at the very end of the song they sang the chorus together. The friend playing Cinderella, is also going to a different secondary school to Bunny. So it dawned on me whilst they were both singing this lovely song about friendship together, that they are both leaving primary school and might never see each other again. And that really moved me. I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat and not only that, but they both sang SO WELL.

Sadly, I only had a broken phone to take a photo with, so this is all I have of her in costume…


11year old playing the part of buttons in cinderella, school play, cinderella school play, ks2 play, cinderella rockerfella, leaving primary school


With all those moments of pride and emotion in the last few weeks of school, it’s safe to say that Bunny has finished primary school on a high. I hope she takes those successes and flies with them and that secondary school will be just as bright for her.

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