I’ve written quite a lot of posts recently about our latest home improvements and our home improvement plans. It’s one of those permanently ongoing projects and I’m sure that by time we’ve finished the whole house, we will probably find new things we want to add or change. For example, we have all the planning permission on our extension, but before work has even begun, we are now thinking about knocking out part of the wall between the kitchen and lounge. This will mean amending the planning permission, amending the architectural drawings and amending the quotes with the contractors.

We have huge plans for the garden too. We hope to dig the whole lot up, returf and add decking and trees.


And the bathroom… We want to rip out a wall, completely retile and buy new taps.

It’s not all big jobs though. Some of our plans are as simple as changing the colour scheme of the cushions in our living room. Small home improvements like getting thicker curtains, adding a blind or giving the skirting boards a lick of paint.

We are forever looking for new storage solutions and there’s an alcove in two of our bedrooms which would work perfectly with either a desk built in or sliding doors to make a wardrobe. As a child, I always wanted built in mirrored wardrobes! As with everything we do at home, these will be very much DIY projects, so we will need to buy materials, power tools and will barrier components.

The children went away with their Dad recently, so we managed to get a few home improvement jobs done that week. We painted the lounge and wallpapered the fireplace. We bought some Kallax units for our lounge and the girls bedrooms and a new storage box for Bunny’s lego. We bought a new dining table and chairs as we wanted a much bigger one, so we can fit the six of us plus 2-4 guests around it. And also a new wardrobe for Baby Bear. We rented a van to clear all the rubbish from our garden and we gave away some furniture that we no longer wanted. The charity shop took six whole bags of stuff off our hands as we decluttered too. We bought and built a shed, to tidy up the garden and store some of the stuff we didn’t really want in the house (like paint, seed trays and trowels). Those are just SOME of our latest home improvements, but it’s amazing the difference even small changes like this can make to a home.

Next week we are having a big chunk of our home replastered and that will give way for more painting jobs for us to do and new carpets to lay. Never a dull moment hey?!



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