Last week, Bunny and I headed to The White Space in London for the launch of the new Microsoft Surface Go.

The Microsoft Surface Go is the newer, smaller version of the Surface Pro. The Surface Pro for on the Go, if you like! It’s the best of both worlds between a laptop and a tablet. It has a keyboard and a flip stand, or it can be used as a touch screen. One of the optional extras is a pen (think stylus but much more precise and accurate), which attaches to the side of the Surface Go with a strong magnet.

On arrival at the launch event, Bunny joined all the other children in some Paint 3D workshops, using the Microsoft Surface Go and Surface Pro. Us grown-ups settled down in another room to listen to a panel chat. This presentation was hosted by TV’s very own Ben Fogle, who is also a tech-savvy parent. Alongside Ben, on the panel, there was a representative from Microsoft, a representative from John Lewis (stockists of the Microsoft Surface Go), outdoor play expert and Jen Howse, co-founder of Britmums.

The panel discussion was very interesting and based all around how children can be creative both online and offline. This then progressed into how creativity can be nurtured online and how the Microsoft Surface Go is perfect for exactly that. The hashtag #GoImagine dominated the event with the notion that there are no barriers for creativity – just your imagination. I think the pen is what really sets the Surface Go apart from it’s competitors. The pen allows so much creativity in the form of accurate drawing, writing, designing and editing.

Not to miss a beat on parental control and keeping children safe online, Microsoft has it’s own software built into the Surface Go to keep children safe online. I know as a parent myself, this is so very important when children are using technology.

Images of the Microsoft Surface Go

After the panel discussion, the children joined us in the main room and we had the opportunity to play with the Microsoft Surface Go ourselves. The challenge was to create a new animal, using a mishmash of body parts from a horse, frog, elephant and rabbit. We used Paint 3D and the Surface Go pen to create our animals. Bunny and I worked together on this and I think we did pretty good!

Art creation made with Paint 3D software on the new Microsoft Surface Go

The Microsoft Surface Go is very lightweight and compact, so it will fit perfectly in a small bag or handbag, without weighing you down. I could really have done with this myself that day. I had lugged a heavy full-sized laptop all around London. I’d had to stop at Victoria to buy a bigger bag to carry it in and by the end of the day, my shoulders were aching from heaving it around the big city all day. If I’d had the Microsoft Surface Go, I wouldn’t have had any of these problems. I could have done my work on the coach to London, without having to balance my laptop against my body. And I could have slipped the Surface Go into my handbag without even noticing it was there.

Microsoft Surface Go, the newest travel laptop for working on the go.

This is literally the perfect laptop for working on the go… And for bloggers like me. It’s firmly on my Christmas list now.

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