Who else watched Stand Up To Cancer on TV last night?

People ask me why I watch Stand Up To Cancer? Knowing I have had had two cancers so far and I have a predisposition, which means I am likely to develop more cancers at some point in my life?

Twitter was eerily quiet from the people whose tweets I usually read. I know that most people have their one or two charities that they support, but I can never help but wonder why more people don’t support Cancer Research?

Cancer incidence rates in the UK are now 1 in 2.

1 in 2 of us will get Cancer at some point in our lives.

That means that ALL OF US will be affected by Cancer, whether that’s suffering ourselves or supporting a loved one through it.

Look around your family. How many people are in your family? Divide that by 2. How many of the people you love are going to develop Cancer at some point in their life?

Turning a blind eye to Stand Up To Cancer, changing the channel, it’s not going to change that. Donating, could. Watching and learning can prepare you and help you spot the symptoms earlier. 

People in the UK are living longer than they used to. This means that more people are living into the age where Cancer is most common. According to Cancer Research UK, 60% of cancers occur in people over the age of 65. Both of my parents are over 65. One of my parents has already battled Cancer. My Gran battled Cancer twice, won the first time and lost the second time. My Grandad is living with two Cancers. I wonder WHEN WILL IT END? 

The frightening part for me, is that 40% of Cancers occur in UNDER 65’s. And the average survival rate is 50%. You do the math. 

And if you’re one of those people sitting at home with a lump or putting off your smear test, because you are:
a) frightened
b) think it wont happen to you
All I can say is, set a reminder for first thing on Monday morning. Call the doctors. GO. Because the longer you put it off, the more the odds will stack against you.

Back when the statistics were 1 in 3, I used to joke that my little family of six were saved, because I’d taken 2 for the team. I know in reality that it doesn’t work like that. 1 in 2 hurts. 1 in 2 is just too real and just too terrifying to comprehend. I can’t bear the thought of any member of my family having to go through that. I can’t bear the thought of having to go through it again myself either. My family need me and I need them.

So when you ask me WHY I sat up til 1am watching Stand Up TO Cancer raise £24,638,037 and feeling utterly depressed, you’ll understand.

It’s to educate myself on the signs and symptoms of different Cancers

It’s to give me fresh ideas on how I can raise awareness and fundraise to do my part to help.

It’s to honour and respect those who have lost their lives to Cancer.

It’s to embrace that fear that makes us want to grab life by the balls and live it to the fullest. To cherish those we love, for every precious second we get to spend with them.

It’s to feel that survivor guilt which demands to be felt every now and then, to remind me that I am still here. To make sure I never take my health for granted and that I am forever grateful that I am still here. 

And yes… of course I donated. Even though I feel I’ll never be able to donate or fundraise enough money to repay Cancer Research for my life. 

THAT’s why I watch Stand Up To Cancer!

And guess what… if you didn’t watch it last night, it’s not too late. You can watch it on catch-up TV. The Stand Up To Cancer website is still open for donations. You can buy merchandise that shows your support. You can tweet about it, blog about it, post on Facebook and make some noise. You can go to the doctor and you can educate and look out for your family’s health.


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