As the excitement of planning our extension mounts, we know that all too soon, it’ll be time to decide how we want it decorated. Our extension consists of another bedroom and another bathroom, and planning has been in the works for over a year now. Planning permission has been granted. Our architect is making a few minor edits and we are hoping that building work should commence next year (fingers crossed).


Once the building starts going up, there will be quite a few changes in our home. The girls will be swapping bedrooms, we will have the new build and EVERYONE wants their new room decorated.


One of my favourite tools for planning home decor, is Pinterest. I only recently started using Pinterest but I already have boards which are helping me plan the designs of the children’s bedrooms. I love that I can pin all the ideas I like to one place and pick little things I like from each design. Soon I will be starting a Pinterest board for our new bedroom too. If you want to follow along, you can find my Pinterest boards here.


With our extension, we’ve mostly only really started planning the big things. Like carpet Vs wooden flooring. Curtains Vs blinds. And for the bathroom, Tiles Vs paint. Colour schemes, soft furnishings, furniture and other decorative items haven’t even entered our minds yet.


We currently have dark wood laminate flooring in our living room and love how easy it is to keep clean, as opposed to carpet. Having little children means that spills are common and with laminate flooring you can simply wipe it up. With carpet, we have to get the rug doctor out and it takes a good day or so to dry out. It’s pointless to say our bedroom will be a child-free zone, because the little one in particular, loves to climb into bed with us some mornings. And the oldest sometimes enjoys reading with one of us in our room, after the little ones have gone to bed.


Our current thoughts are to go for laminate flooring in the extension too, but probably a lighter coloured wood. We will also want to be adding some fluffy rugs for warmth.


My personal choice for the windows would be curtains, but my husband prefers blinds. Curtains allow you to add a burst of colour and a good lined insulated pair will make the bedroom feel and look warmer. On the other hand, blinds can look tidier, particularly if we decide to go for a minimalistic design.


We both prefer tiles over paint for bathrooms, but I think we are a long way off of selecting tiles as we are also changing the tiling in our existing bathroom. It took us a lot of searching before we chose which ones we wanted for that bathroom. I imagine it will take us even longer to choose a second set for our en suite.


I am finding this whole design thing rather exciting though. I spent so many years living in private rented accommodation where I wasn’t allowed to change a single thing. It’s great having a home that we can completely redesign ourselves.



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