I recently embarked on a new venture and became a Body Shop at Home consultant. This is not instead of blogging, it’s as well. Blogging and writing is still my career. The Body Shop at Home is a side project but nevertheless it is one that has very quickly become important to me over the last two months. I have joined for a number of reasons but I feel quite passionate about it. So first I’m going to start with WHY…

Why I became a Body Shop at Home Consultant

I became a Body Shop at Home Consultant for a number of reasons. I’m going to go through them in order of importance to me.

1. Self-esteem and confidence

Due to things that have happened in my life, past relationships, emotional well-being and all kinds of things, my confidence has crumbled over the last few years. My self-esteem is currently at rock bottom.

I avoid mirrors. I avoid cameras. I hide my body under hoodies and jeans. I don’t wear makeup. I don’t look after my skin or hair. I don’t follow fashion. I don’t look after ME. I do in the sense of eating well and getting fresh air. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or consume caffeine. But that’s about it. I LOVE looking after my family and I always put myself last. I don’t love myself. I don’t feel worthy enough to treat myself or take pride in my appearance. I feel ugly and unattractive. Both on the outside and on the inside. And most of the time I busy myself in other things, because when I stop and think about it, it gets my down. I’m not comfortable in my own skin.

And it’s not just skin deep. My confidence wanes when I have to speak to someone new or talk on the phone. These are things I’ve never had a problem with before. Not until recently. I also have it in my head that nobody GENUINELY likes me and that people just humour me (and then slag me off behind my back).

But I don’t want to feel that forever. I want my confidence and self-esteem back. I want to be able to walk up to anyone and spark up a conversation. It’d be so nice to be able to look in the mirror and not get this sinking feeling in my stomach every time I see my reflection. To have the confidence to be in photos and maybe even make vlogs or do live videos. To feel like I’m not worthless.

So. I thought that becoming a Body Shop at Home Consultant might help me with that. On two different levels.

On the communication side of things, becoming a Body Shop at Home Consultant would mean I have to get out there and talk to people. I’d go out to parties and chat to hosts and their guests. You need confidence to be able to sell things. To be able to recruit new members. To lead parties and close sales.

And on a more personal level, being a Body Shop at Home Consultant would give me more opportunity to try new products. Inspire me to start taking care of my skin and hair. Allow me to try all these things without spending a fortune on them. And makeup too.

The Body Shop at Home Consultant Starter Kit. This is all the kit I received, when I became a Body Shop at Home consultant in November 2018. My kit has vastly increased since this picture, due to being sent rewards for hitting sales targets.

The Body Shop at Home Consultant Starter Kit!

2. Social Life

I love my family to pieces. I wouldn’t change them for the world. My four incredible children and my husband are my WHOLE WORLD. And because of that, I don’t really have a social life outside of my family, beyond coffee with a friend once every few months. I try to see my mum once a month but the rest of my wider family, I don’t see very often as they live far away. A few times a year perhaps. And I’ve never really seen my lack of social life as a problem. I’m not into going out drinking anymore. I don’t dance or run anymore. And somehow my social life is non existent and my friends are still there, but they’re distant.

But recently I’ve started to wonder if perhaps getting a social life would be good for me. Good for my confidence. And good in the sense that I won’t feel desperately lonely when my littlest is old enough to go to school! He’s my little sidekick and we go everywhere together.

Becoming a Body Shop At Home Consultant will give me a brand new social life. It’s a talking point for anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Chatting through the sales offers, the products in the catalogue and giving advice on which are the best products to buy, will get me engaging in conversation with lots of different people. Posting on social media, doing live videos, running raffles, giveaways and playing games will increase my online social life too. And going out to run stalls and host parties will make me step well and truly outside of my comfort zone. In the two months I’ve been doing this, I feel that I’ve already made new friends from it and built on existing friendships.

3. Wanting to succeed

I think that in order to feel fulfilled, we need to have goals and ambitions to work towards. We need to be good at something, succeed at something, as a way of appreciating our own worth as individuals. An individual as opposed to a mum or a wife or a writer. I thrive on goals and pressure and deadlines. I love shopping and I love the feeling of doing well at something. In my first month, I met three out of my four personal targets as a Body Shop Consultant and I really hope that I continue to hit the targets that I set myself.

I feel genuinely excited when I click through the brochure, when I chat to others about the products and when I type orders into the system. These are products I have bought, used and loved myself since I was a kid. We are talking 20+ years. So selling a product I know and love makes it fun and exciting, rather than a chore or “work”.

Graphic I made to accompany a YouTube video I made of my favourite products from The Body Shop. This coincides with a blog post I wrote about becoming a Body Shop at Home Consultant. The picture shows me holding up a Vitamin C Liquid Peel from The Body Shop.

This was one of the graphics I made, to accompany my first YouTube vlog for The Body Shop at Home.

4. To earn some extra money

I make my full time income from freelance writing, blogging and sometimes travelling. But who doesn’t want to earn a bit of extra money? I have four children who each had very big Christmas lists (and a husband with an even bigger one) so being with The Body Shop at Home before Christmas really helped me to get them a few really lovely things for Christmas.

Becoming a Body Shop at Home Consultant means that a week after I put through everyone’s orders, I get paid a percentage as commission. Every penny adds up right? This is a side venture. My Body Shop Business will hopefully run alongside my blogging business for a long time. It won’t replace it. Being self employed means swings and roundabouts with income. You have good weeks and bad weeks. Sometimes you have to wait months for clients to pay their invoices. So my Body Shop commission will really help on the weeks where I’m waiting for payments from my other business. And this one is a lot easier for accounting!

I’ve had a mixed reception to becoming a Body Shop at Home Consultant. Some of the friends who I hoped would be hugely supportive, weren’t. Other friends who I didn’t expect to support me in this venture, have been amazing.

I've recently joined The Body Shop at Home as a Body Shop at Home Consultant. This picture shows one of the stalls I ran at Christmas, showcasing my products and the gift boxes I made up to sell. My daughter is also in the picture, as she came to help me on the stall.

Bunny stood behind a Body Shop at Home stall I had set up at a Christmas market

Why would you buy from a Body Shop Consultant?

I’ve had the odd one or two people say something like, “well if I want something, I’ll go to the shop and get it”. So let me explain the benefits of buying from a Body Shop Consultant as opposed to buying from a shop.

Firstly, Body Shop at Home Consultants have different prices to the tangible stores. We do sales when the stores don’t and offer all kinds of crazy deals and discounts. We did a HUGE Black Friday sale with discounts way bigger than the stores. I also do raffles and giveaways for people to win products. Sometimes we are able to offer freebies. And best of all… We are like personal shoppers. We can give advice and tips and help you decide which products are right for you. And sometimes a store might be out of stock of a particular item, but we have it or can get it. We can often tell you when a sale is coming too, so you don’t buy something at full price and regret it the next day. Body Shop Consultants give you that personal touch that you don’t get from shopping online and we can dedicate more time to helping you test and explore products than they could in store.

Body Shop at Home Parties and Pamper Evenings

And the parties… or pamper evenings… whatever name you prefer… If you host a party, you get our undivided time and attention. You get free reign to test out any product in our kit. We play games, your guests can win prizes and above all, it’s a really good giggle and an excuse to get all your friends together. And dependant on how much your guests spend on placing orders, the host gets free products and heavily discounted products.

I hosted my first party last week and all the guests had a really good giggle. They loved the games and the prizes, but I think most of all, they loved being able to test all the products and ask questions about them, with no time limits. It can be awkward testing products in a shop, but sat on a chair in a friends house, with a glass of wine, taking your time, is quite a relaxing experience. The host bagged herself £50 worth of free products and had the option to buy more at 70% off! People were able to do skin tests, colour matching and smell everything. I hadn’t even realised quite how extensive my kit had grown, until I laid it all out at the party, but it was so much fun, I can’t wait to do another one!

My Body Shop at Home Group

If you couldn’t tell from the passion in this post, I’m really enjoying being a Body Shop at Home Consultant and I’m really hoping that it’s something I can continue to do well with. I’d love to build up a team and support others through doing this too.

My Body Shop at Home Team

If any of my readers fancy joining my Body Shop Facebook group, to see what sales and discounts and raffles I do, you can request to join. It’s called Look Good and Feel Good with Emma.

And if any of my blog readers fancy joining up as one of my recruits and becoming a Body Shop at Home Consultant yourself… Just drop me a message or an email. I’d love to have you on my team and will offer you full ongoing support. If you’re not sure, but it’s something you’d like to maybe chat about and consider… again drop me a message and I’ll be happy to chat through all your questions.

2 Months in…

So two months in… I’ve ran 4 Christmas stalls, where I certainly had to leap out of my comfort zone, and I feel I learnt more from each one. I’ve experimented with new makeup techniques and found a skincare regime that I’m happy with (for someone with ultra sensitive skin and eyes – that’s quite something!). I’ve forced myself to do LIVE videos on my Facebook page, both with and without makeup. I even posted a 9 minute video, chatting about the products, to Facebook and YouTube, with NO EDITING! I’ve talked to strangers about The Body Shop at Home and The Body Shop products. I’ve hosted a party and had lots of fun with it. I feel like my confidence has improved immensely already and I hope that by continuing to grow this second business, my confidence will continue to bloom too.

DIY Daddy
  1. Anne says:

    Good luck, it sounds like you are doing well already. It’s amazing what can bring you out of your shell, I hope your Body Shop business goes from strength to strength.

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