No longer a last-minute shopper!

Most of my life, I have been one of those people who is happy to wait until the last minute for things. I always used to do all my Christmas shopping a few days before. Valentines Day, I’d pop out and buy something the day before. There have been more than one occasion where I’ve crashed into the post office just a few moments before the post man, to post a birthday present. Pancake day, I’m usually found frantically searching the aisles for flour, milk, eggs, lemons and Nutella, about an hour before dinner! (We always have our pancakes for dessert). I guess I’m just not one to rush things and I’ve never had a problem with that. 

Mothers Day however, is the one occasion I always seem to leave a bit more time to plan. Probably because my mum doesn’t live near me, so I have to plan ahead for getting her present to her.

I’m not sure what has changed, but the past year, things have been different. I actually started my Christmas shopping in SEPTEMBER! I bought my Mum’s birthday present two weeks early. We have started making my birthday plans three weeks early, instead of three days before. My children’s birthday presents and parties are usually planned the week before. It’s only February and my husband and I have already started planning the girls birthday presents and parties… which aren’t until May! We’ve discussed Bear’s birthday present too and his birthday isn’t until July.

Mothers Day 2019

So it makes sense that I’m also planning even further ahead for Mother’s Day too.

Mother’s Day in the UK is on 31st March this year (2019).

In the USA Mothering Sunday is on the 12th May 2019. 

I already know what I’m going to get my mum! And for those of you reading this, who also want to plan ahead, I thought I’d make a few suggestions of great Mothers Day gifts. 

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

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You can get extra special Mothers Day Gifts from Miller Harris who are experts in luxury perfume.

Flowers are always a brilliant choice, whether you order online or deliver in person. Who doesn’t love flowers?

Another popular option is always jewellery. A quick trip to Pandora and you’ll definitely score some good daughter or son points!

For those whose mums aren’t on a diet, don’t just go for the first box of chocolates you see in the Supermarket… shop around and get the nicest box of choccies you can find! It’s not the first place that pops into your mind, but large garden centres often have luxury chocolates (as well as cookies, cakes, jams, cheeses and chutneys).

Experiences also make a popular Mothers Day gift. You really can’t beat spending time with someone and making memories together. So how about a spa day in the countryside or afternoon tea at the Ritz (or somewhere equally as fancy)?

Does your mum collect something? Is there a particular ornament or collectable she adores? Make a note of the ones she already has and go the extra mile to find the one she hasn’t got or can’t find.

Keen gardener? Book worm? Avid yoga fan? Crazy cat lady? If your mum has a particular hobby or interest, get something personal to that passion. It’s the thought that counts remember.


mothers day flowers, prestige flowers, review, prestige flowers review, mothering sunday, flowers, bouquet, mothers day gift ideas

We only get one mum and no matter how much time we get to spend with her, it’s never enough. Make sure you always put the effort in and get her something special on Mothers Day, whether that’s a lavish gift, or your precious time, or both.

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