New Year – new you. But no clue? 4 Business start-up ideas you can start from home

It’s 2019 and it’s already in full swing. But if you’re finding yourself at a bit of a loose end…if you wish you could make more money…if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs while the kids are at school and you’re looking for something fulfilling to fill your time with. Then have you thought about starting a business from home?

Starting your own little business makes perfect sense if any of the above applies to you. Afterall, if you’re looking for ways to invest a little more money into your life – like Golden Eagle Coin, or stocks and shares – then why not try turning something you love into something you can make money from too?

Have a look at these simple business ideas you can start from your very own living room!


If you love taking photos with your phone, and regularly show them off on Instagram and other social media platforms, then how about taking it up a notch? Investing in a decent DSLR camera is a good place to start if you think photography is something you could get into. You could do plenty of research into photography styles and the theory of getting that elusive perfect shot while the kids are at school. Whether you photograph weddings, are commissioned for product shoots for local businesses, wildlife, photograph events like gigs and parties or something else – once you find your niche, and practice your craft, you’ll be in demand.

Buy, buy, sell, sell

You’ll be amazed what you can pick up at local thrift stores, charity shops and flea markets. From old jewellery, to dusty old furniture. Even online market places usually have a “for free” section. Whatever you purchase you can fix up, clean and even repurpose – ready for you to sell on to the highest bidder on places like eBay, or at car boot sales or privately.

Pet sitting

Most pets are considered like children to their owners – and its easy to see why. It also means that if an owner has to go away for a few days or cannot take their pet with them on holiday for example they might feel a bit stuck. Most owners don’t like the idea of leaving their feline or canine friends behind in kennels or catteries, which is where pet sitting services come in. This is perfect if you love animals! Start by offering your friends and relatives your services and watch your empire grow by word of mouth!

Cleaning company

You might think you barely have time to clean your own home, let alone anyone else’s! But you’ll be surprised how rewarding and how straightforward providing a cleaning service can be. If you’re wondering how you can squeeze it into your schedule then look at offering a morning service, or a one off clean. End of tenancy, or even cleaning an office from 5pm-6.30. Purchase inexpensive cleaning materials, build your social media platform and you’ll have plenty of clients in no time.


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