Old jeans and a baggy t-shirt at the ready: it’s time to redecorate.

This time around you fancy doing a bit more than getting the magnolia paint out and refreshing the walls, but where do you start?

Getting the theme right can be a difficult one. You want something that suits your style, looks great to guests and has some longevity so you’re not in the same position again in two years’ time.

Before you pick up the roller, make sure you’re doing it right.

Theme? What Theme?

Even if you think you know what you want, do not go in without some ideas and inspiration from the professionals.

Check out the most popular interior styles and find one that you like or the one that matches the picture in your head best. Once you know the name of the theme, be it bohemian, or minimalist, you can then do further research online about that particular style.

From there, your research will give you style ideas, how to implement them, what textures and materials are suitable and where to get the best items from in order to produce your dream room.

Big Stuff First

You might have been planning on changing the wallpaper, painting the skirting boards and leaving it at that. That won’t quite cut it.

To really hit it out of the park you need to get the furniture matching as well. Chances are your bed, dresser and the rest of the gang have been around for some time now and will look out of place in a full revamp.

If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to some new ‘big’ items. After all, these are the pieces that will dominate the room and therefore the theme.

If you’re considering anything around the British, traditional, rustic or country themes, the Cotswold Company’s double wardrobes are standout pieces that ooze luxury and class.

Make it Personal

The advice so far has been to follow the pros, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own stamp on things as well.

If you have a favourite place in the world or somewhere that means a lot to you, pick a theme that suits this and incorporate a few items in tribute to a culture you admire.

Similarly add your most treasured books, artwork and other personal effects to make the room not only amazing to look at but a haven for you every time you sit down.

Once you’ve got the right ideas in place, you can enjoy creating a beautiful space that you’ll be happy to get comfy in for years to come.

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