No one likes to see their pals down in the dumps, or their family members for that matter either. With all the endless media coverage and with brave souls speaking out, it should come as no surprise to hear that depression is on the rise at a catastrophic rate, as more and more people come forward with their problems.

Still, speaking up is only half the battle won. Help and support comes next, and if you want to be a good friend or family member, then it’s your role to offer that when your suffering loved ones ask for it.

Consequently, here’s a few care-package ideas to help those you care about through their tougher times.


Chocolates, Wine and Films

If you know your loved one has a favourite film but hasn’t yet picked up a physical copy on DVD or Blu-Ray, include it in your care package. Movies are practically purposed for changing moods, and some of them lift spirits like no other. Pixar films (not the beginning of UP) can really make people belly laugh every time they watch, so keep such movies in mind!

Throw some chocolates and a bottle of wine in there too, and your care package has the makings of a quiet but enjoyable movie night. Sometimes, people just need to unwind from their problems, bunker down and take some time out, and this care package will enable them to do just that.


Cards, Flowers and Photos

Sometimes, a gift doesn’t need to be something that’s bought and paid for from a shop. In fact, gifts that you’ve made yourself and come from the heart can often be much more touching and memorable for the recipient. Make your own card with a thoughtful message in your care package, include some flowers you’ve grown if you’re a keen gardener, and perhaps chuck in a few photos of happier times spent together with your special loved one.

Of course, these suggestions are somewhat cheesy, but if you know your loved one likes these kinds of gestures, go for it! It’s better to not hold back in terms of how much support you’re offering, so the more you can communicate how much you care about them, the better! Who knows, if you’re not someone who typically opens up that way, your loved one could feel very special after receiving this kind of care package!


Speedy Delivery

Of course, the question of how your care package gets to the recipient is just as important as what your care package contains. Your loved one might well be in a tough time, but who knows how long it will last? If you leave it too long, your loved one might well be out the other side of the tunnel by the time you send the package and felt alone during their depression.

For example, use a service like Parcel2Go, and your package will get to your loved one as soon as possible. The instant their sadness hits them, your care package will arrive soon after. Of course, the more receptive you are to their issues, the more you’ll seem to care. Don’t delay, put it off or use a slow delivery service; get in quick to help your loved one as best you can!

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