We were recently offered the opportunity to review some artwork and frames from Desenio. Desenio is a stunning website full of affordable art posters, prints and co-ordinating frames. When I say affordable… I actually couldn’t believe the prices or the value for money, when I was browsing the website! It actually took Mike and I a few days to decide which posters to order. It would be so easy to choose art for every wall in the house from Desenio. There is a huge selection of very varied pieces of art. From abstract watercolour images, to inspirational quotes and even animals, it would seem there is something to suit all tastes.

For my budget, I was expecting to only be able to get three or four small posters and three frames if I was lucky. I was wrong! I managed to get SIX large posters, one GIANT poster AND SIX quality frames too. The 30×40 white wooden frames look so classy and they were only £12.95 each!


artwork for a childrens bedroom from Desenio affordable art, posters, prints and frames

Whilst we debated every room in the house, trying to make a decision, two posters caught my eye and we instantly knew we had to get those! We have always called our youngest “Baby Bear” and now he’s a toddler, we mostly just call him “Bear”. Now Bear’s bedroom currently has a circus theme. So what could be more appropriate to go in a frame on his wall, than a bear on a yellow tricycle, with a dog holding an umbrella, on his back? The poster was aptly titled, “Bear on a yellow bike”.


Bear on a Yellow Bike framed print from Desenio affordable art, posters, prints and frames

And to co-ordinate with the bear on a tricycle, there’s also a matching bear on a bicycle, carrying a surfboard, with a bird on his baseball cap! If you want to search for it on Desenio, it’s titled “Surfing Bear Poster”. They were absolutely perfect, so we just had to have them. We bought them in 30x40cm sized posters (£9.95 each), with white wooden frames

Surfing bear framed print from Desenio affordable art, posters, prints and frames

Now personally, I think that two pictures side by side, would look a bit odd, so we needed to find a third. We chose the “Rules of a superhero” poster. Again we chose 30x40cm and white wooden frames, so that they’d all match. The poster bears the quote:

“True superheroes are brave and courageous, use kind words and do their best. Smile. Have fun. Laugh. Share their toys. Clean their room. Dream Big. Play in the rain and explore. Have good manners. Brush their teeth and do their homework. Help others”.


Rules of a Superhero framed print from Desenio affordable art, posters, prints and frames

The three pictures together, look great. We staggered the heights slightly, for effect, but essentially had to put them very high up, to keep them away from curious little fingers. Bear LOVES his new artwork!


toddler showing off the Desenio art on his walls

So with Bear’s new art in the basket, we decided that our oldest daughter, Bunny, should also have some new artwork for her bedroom wall. She currently shares a bedroom with her twin sisters, whilst we are awaiting our extension to be built. We thought a few nice pieces of art above her bed, would give her a nice little bit of space to reflect her individual taste. Now I know you were expecting me to say that we chose posters with bunnies on… but actually, Bunny’s obsession is cats.

Having perused every single cat poster on the Desenio website, we chose three that we knew Bunny would love.


Cats framed print from Desenio affordable art, posters, prints and frames

The poster quite simply titled “cats”, was a black and white cartoon style picture of 14 different cats. This one was £9.95 and again we stuck with the 30×40 dimensions. To contrast with the cartoon-esque style, we chose a stunningly detailed close up photograph of a cat’s face, with a butterfly landing on it.


Butterfly Cat framed print from Desenio affordable art, posters, prints and frames

The detail and clarity in this “butterfly cat” picture makes you want to just keep looking at it. In a 30×40 poster, this one was £11.95 and worth every penny. So with a photographic cat and a bunch of cartoon cats, we wanted to add further contrast to this duo of wall art. We added “Proud cat”, which looks more like a painted, completely undetailed cat (almost a silhouette), with deliberate ink smudging around the tail.

Proud cat framed print from Desenio affordable art, posters, prints and frames

We hung this one on the wall in a 21×30 size (£8.95), in between the two larger pictures. I love the contrast of three entirely different types of art, coming together as a set, based on the common theme of cats. It works. It looks great on the wall and my 11 year old is thrilled with it.


Framed Cat prints from Desenio affordable art, posters, prints and frames

Our final choice was just for me. We bought a giant poster full of inspirational quotes for our hallway. As a writer, I’ve always loved quotes – I think they are good for the soul. We bought this one in a 50×70 size for only £18.95. And as much as I’d love to show you this poster, this one will remain a secret for now, as we are waiting to have our hallway replastered. Once it’s all fresh and painted, I will update this post with some pictures of that poster too! In the meantime, if curiosity gets the better of you, you can find it on the Desenio website titled, “Manifesto of Life”. It’s absolutely awesome, trust me!

The Desenio website was easy to navigate, had more artwork than I could even comprehend and checkout was quick, easy and secure. The posters and frames were exceptionally well packaged, but without being excessive. All the artwork and frames arrived quickly and in immaculate condition. I was thoroughly impressed with my experience with Desenio, from start to finish and I still can’t believe the value for money on their products. I would definitely shop with them again and I imagine one day I will have Desenio art work in every room!


Framed cat prints on the wall, by Desenio

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