How to Keep Energy Levels Up as a New Mum 

There is nothing in the world quite like becoming a mum for the first time. It is an incredibly exciting time yet also one which is filled with fear and stress so it is certainly an emotional time. This can take its toll and you will want that it is hard to maintain your energy levels which can be tricky when you have a tiny bundle of joy to look after. 


Here are a few tips for keeping your energy levels up as a new mum: 


Sleep When the Baby Sleeps 

The only time that you will get any peace and quiet is when the baby sleeps so this should be the time that you try to catch some shut eye too. 


Don’t Fill Your Calendar with Visits 

Everyone will want to come and visit you once you have settled back at home which is nice but it can be tiring to have your house constantly filled with people. Instead, try to get people to come to you in groups and do not shy away from saying no – you need to put your baby and yourself first. 


Gentle Exercise 

It is important to look after your body during this time and gentle exercise during the day can be great for your physical health while also giving you a small boost of energy. To start with this could be a brisk walk around the block but you may want to look to increase this shortly after to rebuild fitness. 


Ask for Help 

Managing a newborn is incredibly challenging and stressful work. Do not shy away from asking for help from friends and family during this time if you are struggling, as people are usually eager to help if possible. This could give you time to catch up on sleep, do some gentle exercise or simply enjoy some peace and quiet. 



Snacks can be a great way to give you a boost of energy throughout the day. Dark chocolate is an excellent snack to enjoy throughout the day as this is the healthiest form of chocolate and one which can provide a significant boost (it is also delicious!). In addition to this, you must also make sure that you stay hydrated at all times and try to eat a healthy diet – your body is still recovering and under great strain. 


Hopefully this information will help you to maintain your energy levels during this exciting yet challenging period in your life. There is no amount of preparation that can fully prepare you for becoming a parent for the first time but it is key that you know how to keep energy levels up during this time so that you can provide for your bundle of joy and enjoy this special time. 

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