We all know how great summer is. It’s all about spending time with the kids and making lots of happy memories and with most of us heading off on our holidays, it’s an exciting time of year for everyone.

If you’re already working with a tight budget, then chances are that you’ve booked your holiday in advance and have probably paid it off, ready to enjoy – hassle free. However, many families still struggle with finding enough money to spend while they’re enjoying their break. Whether it’s for meals out, extra ice creams, treats for the kids or those spur of the moment activities. Finding the spending money for your holiday’s isn’t always easy, especially if you’re worrying about your finances or debts – for more information on debt management and advice, check out Creditfix.co.uk – afterall, you want to enjoy your holiday to the full!

So, with this in mind I’ve come up with 4 simple tips that will top up your summer spending money. Enjoy!

Stop before you shop

Buying all those clothes and accessories for the holiday is one of the most exciting parts of heading away! But before you hit the high street, check all your cupboards, drawers and wardrobes for anything that could be used again this year. Sunglasses, swimming costumes, sarongs, flip flops and beach bags – they’re all usually hidden! It’ll save you buying duplicate items, and don’t forget to take a look through the kids clothes and see if they might fit some of your younger children. You’ll save a bundle.

Cancel those TV packages

Many of us are currently paying for more than one TV subscription package, which can quickly add up. In the run up to your holiday, eliminate the packages that are used the least or simply get rid of them all. Remember, it’s only for a few weeks and you’ll have plenty of TV shows to catchup on when you get back.

Stop the takeaway habit

We all deserve a little indulgence, especially when the weekend comes around, with takeaways being the most popular choice for families. However, the money for your weekly takeaway habit could be put towards your summer break, and it could finance anything from a meal out to an entire week’s car hire. It’s a decision that might not be popular with everyone, but it’s only for a few weeks and think of all the extra fun you can have on holiday instead!

Find free things to do

Summer is all about days out with the family, but trips to the cinema, the zoo, theme parks and aquariums can be costly. Instead, try to find free activities in your local area like at the library or community centre. There’ll be plenty of reading challenges, creativity afternoons, or free taster sessions of sports or classes. There are plenty of budget friendly things to do at home too. Some of my favourites include:
• Arts and crafts
• Baking
• Movie nights
• Planting flowers in the garden

This is a collaborative post. A girl’s gotta pay the bills right?!

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