France might be famous for its Riviera, and we will always have Paris, but when it comes to its landscapes, there is nothing else like it. With the Alps running along the country and many stunning beaches to explore, outdoor enthusiasts have so much to see and do that they are spoiled for choice.

To help you plan your first of many great outdoor adventures in France, follow this simple guide:

Find a Luxurious Escape

A luxurious escape is necessary after a day hike, which is why booking villas in France instead of a hotel room can give you that heightened sense of wonder and luxury that you deserve. With many stunning villas located in the south of France as well, you will have your own oasis at the foot of the Aiguilles Rouges region.

Take Your Time to Really Enjoy the Best Hikes in the Area

Hiking takes time, even if they can be done in a day. More than that though they take energy and should you not be exceptionally experienced or travelling with those who are not well-versed in hiking you will want to limit yourself to one hike per day and to spend the rest of the time recovering at your luxury villa. Taking your time in this way is how you can relax and enjoy the experience and really soak in those views.

Top Mountains and Hikes to Enjoy in France

There are so many incredible hikes in France, from those that take just an hour or two to those that take weeks. As multi-day hikes are a trip on their own, here are the many beautiful trails you can complete in six hours or less:

Le Chemin des Rognes

This trail takes you along Mond Blanc and offers hikers some heavenly views of both the mountains of Mont Blanc and the Chamonix Valley. For experienced hikers, this can take just three hours to complete, but as we highly recommend you sit and soak in those views, plan out five hours for your hike.

Lac Blanc

The lake at Lac Blanc is another beautiful natural wonder you will want to sit and soak in for hours. Thankfully the hike itself is not hard and takes only three to four hours to complete, so you can spread out your day enjoying the views. Unlike other hikes in this list, this one also includes a cable car stretch that offers travellers a unique experience unto itself.

The Pilgrim’s Trail

On your way home from your villa, you will want to make a pit stop at Mont Saint Michel, one of the most unique and beautiful towns in France. It also features a very unique trail, known as the Pilgrim’s trail, which must be done at certain times or else the tide will come back in. The trail itself takes approximately 2 hours, and so long as you time your walk correctly you should have a problem, but do check in advance as rising tides can be very dangerous in this area.

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    Superb suggestions! As i know France is more beautiful than any other countries having old historical places and tradition. I Hope i will visit here soon with family.

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