The flooring you select for your home is important. When your floors start to
look ratty it brings the tone of the whole room down.

It does not matter if you have just renewed your chamfered skirting and
redecorated your room will not look finished until you have renewed the
flooring. But, it is important to choose the right type, if you do not you can
easily end up back at square one again. To help you to make the right choice I
have put together a few tips.

The right quality

An awful lot of people make the mistake of buying flooring that is not
hardwearing enough. Often, they forget to check whether what they are buying
is designed for high traffic areas.

If you are laying a carpet in your spare room, which is only used when friends
and family come to stay you can usually get away with buying something
relatively cheap. It is not going to be subjected too much wear and tear. So, as
long as it looks nice and is easy to keep clean you are good to go.

But, for a high traffic area like your living room, taking this approach would be
a mistake. Within a few months, the areas that are walked on a lot will literally
wear away.


Likewise, if you were to lay laminate flooring in your kitchen or bathroom that
was not designed to be used in damp environments you would have a problem.
It would soon warp and start to peel, which would make it impossible to keep

How much it really costs per metre

You need to buy the best quality flooring you can afford. When costing out each
option, it is important to make sure that you include all of the hidden costs in
your calculations. For example, if you are planning to have a carpet laid you
will need to factor in the cost of underlay, grips, seaming tape and door strips if
they are needed.

Fortunately, you can use online calculators like this one to help you to calculate
the true costs. If you ask a shop for an estimate double-check that it includes
everything you need. It should, but if you think anything has been missed
always ask.

How easy your new floor will be to keep clean

How easy your new flooring will be to look after is something else you need to
think about. Light floors look nice, but, when you have a young family they
may not be practical.

Bear in mind that a carpet will have to be wet cleaned every now and again. So,
factor in the cost of having that done professionally or buying a machine to do it

Styling considerations

If you may have to keep your flooring down for more than a few years, think
about how easy it will be to change your room dΓ©cor. Ideally, you want to lay
something that will blend in easily with a range of colours and styles.

Provided you follow the above tips you should end up with flooring that will
look good for many years to come.


Post written by a guest author as part of an ad. See disclaimer 3 on my disclaimers page.

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