Planning your child’s birthday party? Try these 5 planning tips

Ok. Don’t panic. Planning a kids birthday party is stressful and not as easy as you might think! You’re
under a lot of pressure financially, you’re under pressure to get everything ready on time and you’re
under pressure to ensure your child has the best party ever! But it’s ok, all you need to do is take a
deep breath and read on for some simple party planning tips.

Good luck!

Plan ahead

You need to start making lists. Everything from gifts – check out wicked uncle for age appropriate
gift ideas – to the decorations and the activities. Think about everything you’re going to want to
include in the party and write down what you’re going to need. Once you have everything written
down, it’s effectively a shopping list! Which simply requires a trip to the shops or a spot of online
shopping. Planning ahead will reduce the stress during the lead up to the big day and you’ll be able
to keep on track of what you have and what you still need to arrange and sort.

Have back up plans

Just like adult parties, kids parties can go wrong too! Whether the playlist isn’t working, or your
music is too quiet, maybe the kids ate too quickly or someone spilt juice all over the sandwiches. It’s
always a good idea to have back up plans for every aspect of the day. Have a couple of back up party
games to do in case you get through everything too quickly. Have a few extra plates of food in case
things don’t go as far as you’d hoped.

Save the cake

Saving the cake for last will ensure that it stays in one piece and that you don’t end up brushing
chocolate cake out of the carpet. Save the cake until the end of the party and make a big thing of
blowing out the candles. Then slice the cake up and place pieces in the party bags. It will certainly fill
up their party bags!

Get plenty of helpers

Don’t be afraid to ask for help at your child’s party. You can either ask parents to “stay for the fun” if
the children attending are quite young, or if the kids are a little older, or you just don’t have enough
room 15 sets of parents to be hanging around in your kitchen, recruit a couple of helpers just to
oversee the kids and give you an extra pair of hands. If your party prince/princess has an older
sibling, get them to help out too!

Be thrifty with your party prizes and party bags

The cost of party bags and party prizes can quickly get out of hand, so be clever with your choices.
Buy a collection of small paper bags to use as party bags and get them to decorate them as a party
activity. It will save you money! Use sweets or mini treats as prizes for the winners of party games –
it’ll save you having to buy more plastic toys!

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