I know a lot of people don’t like new year’s resolutions but I do. I had such a lovely Christmas with my family. Cutting off from daily stresses and getting out into the countryside did me the world of good (post about our wonderful trip coming soon!). I started the new year surrounded by family and it’s the first time in over a decade that I’ve properly celebrated New Year’s Eve. I have begun 2020 feeling refreshed, invigorated and full of ambition. So yes… I have new year’s resolutions. Mostly simple ones, but resolutions nonetheless.   Four children standing in front of an outdoor Christmas tree in Padstow, Cornwall 2019 was generally a very good year. I achieved a lot personally, and as a family we made some really wonderful memories. Mostly due to lots of lovely little trips away! I went on a blog retreat and a retreat with my side business. We went on numerous camping trips, day trips and we did France, Monaco and Italy in one trip. We spent Christmas at Coombe Mill and we made much more effort to visit friends and family this year. We have a whole bunch of beautiful photos to celebrate the year we had, and that makes me smile.   Family photo of two adults and four children 2019 did have it’s downs too – namely my miscarriage. But one thing I think I did too much last year, was forgive too much. There were quite a few people I let treat me badly and I need to be stronger in that sense. I think that has always been my weakness, truth be told, I’m too forgiving and often when people don’t deserve it. I shouldn’t feel ashamed for standing up for myself and my family and what I feel is right. And I shouldn’t tolerate people treating me like I don’t matter. This year I want to work harder and play harder and stress less. I want to love more and take less shit. So without further ado, here are my main new year’s resolutions for 2020. They’re pretty self explanatory…   Save more Spend less   Blog more Procrastinate less   Post more Comment less (Leave people to look stupid instead of correcting them. Stay silent when people leave nasty or misinformed comments. Stay silent when people patronise or insult or bitch. Leave them to show their true colours.)   Show more compassion Take less shit   When someone makes you feel angry or upset… Walk away, stay silent. Leave them to fester in their own arrogance. Smile. Be the better person.   Fundraise & volunteer Do some good in the world.   Work more efficiently and strategically Don’t lower my rates Know my worth   Work more when the kids are at school Work less when the kids are home ALWAYS, ALWAYS, FAMILY FIRST!   Love myself more Listen to criticism less   Eat more fruit and veg Eat less meat and less junk   Aim high. Go for those ambitions. You can achieve more than you think!   Less indoors More outdoors and GET SOME EXERCISE!   So there you have it. And yes… I know I’m posting these right in the middle of January, but I have already made a start on them.

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