Hockey Heroes is a new initiative started by Hockey England, which aims to get more young children into hockey. Aimed at children aged 5-8 years, Hockey Heroes is a 6 week programme which teaches children fundamental hockey skills. These hockey skills are broken down into hockey “super powers”, with a new super power being taught each week. This course is a gateway to other hockey clubs for children, which they can go on to join once they’ve mastered the basic hockey skills.


7 year old sitting on astro turf with her hockey stick and hockey ball waiting to play hockey with England Hockey's Hockey Heroes programme

My 7 year old twins, affectionately known as Tiny and Fluffy, enrolled in this course for the Autumn 2019 sessions. I am honestly blown away by how much they have learnt and how well they’ve taken to hockey in just 6 weeks. So much so, that we are going to pay for them to do the second part of the course, which starts in March 2020.


7 year old Twins in their orange Hockey Heroes tshirts

Before the Hockey Heroes training began, the twins were sent a starter kit each. Each starter kit included:

  • Two children’s sized hockey sticks (plastic ones, as they are safer for young children to use)
  • One lightweight hollow hockey ball (again – safer than a regular hockey ball)
  • A high quality Hockey Heroes branded t-shirt, personalised with their names
  • Stickers to decorate their sticks

The starter kits got the children excited about learning to play hockey, before they’d even arrived at their first session.


Orange Hockey Heroes tshirt with two hockey sticks and a lightweight hockey ball. These are the kit that children get when they join the Hockey Heroes programme with England Hockey.

Each Hockey Heroes session is taught by carefully selected “Hockey Champions”. The children all seemed to love the Gloucester Hockey Champions, Kim and Kalena; they were both patient and professional in coaching the heroes their new super powers.


Hockey Heroes with their Hockey Champions at the end of a training session with England Hockey's Hockey Heroes programme

Parents are encouraged to take part at the beginning of each session, where the children have a little free-time with the sticks and balls. There was such a lovely atmosphere as all the parents were helping and cheering on each others children. The children were also taught resilience as play continued in wind, rain, thunder and hail, but just look at those proud happy faces!


7 year old sheltering from the rain during hockey training 7 year old sheltering from the rain during hockey training

Every session is one hour long and focusses on a different skill. At the end of each hour, the children are given a sticker (which goes on their hockey stick) to recognise that they’ve mastered their new hockey super power. The skills that were covered over the first six week course were:

  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Teamwork
  • Goal scoring
  • Inner superpower
  • Outer superpower


Two children playing hockey with their two hockey coaches as part of the Hockey Heroes initiative by Hockey England

After each session, parents receive a “Club Spark” email, which talks about what the children have learnt in that lesson. It also gives tips and advice on activities you can do at home with your children, to help them practice their new skills.


Two Hockey Heroes hockey sticks

I loved the superhero focus of Hockey Heroes as this doubles as positive reinforcement and adds an additional element of fun and empowerment to the sessions.


Two children training with Hockey Heroes

Hockey is a really inclusive sport, which welcomes children of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Hockey Heroes don’t expect children to have any experience as they teach all the necessary skills needed. This sport also allows children to make new friends, outside of their school circle, as well as getting them active and building confidence as they unlock their inner character and physical superhero powers.


Children at Hockey Heroes training session, stood in a listening circle, with thier sticks and hockey balls in the middle

I am amazed at how much my twins learnt in just 6 weeks and they thoroughly enjoyed Hockey Heroes. It taught them a whole new skill set to what they’d learn in their existing hobbies. I would absolutely recommend Hockey Heroes to any parent.


Banner attached to fence advertising Hockey Heroes

Hockey Heroes is a great value, low-commitment opportunity for children to try a new sport. It costs only £32 for the 6-week course and is really easy to register online at



  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    I used to love playing hockey as a kid! This sounds like a great introduction and the twins look so happy doing it. It seems that primary schools don’t teach hockey any more so young children are missing out on the chance to play. I would have loved my daughter to try something like this, but unfortunately she has got to the age of 13 and hockey has completely passed her by.

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