Those of you who have been long term readers of mine, may remember the MAD Blog Awards from a few years back. The MADS (Mum and Dad Blog Awards) celebrate some of the best blogs in the UK.

I was very very lucky to get to go to the prestigious MAD Blog Awards ceremony four times.

In 2013 I won the award for Best Baby Blog
In 2014 I was a finalist for Outstanding Contribution to Blogging
In 2015 I was a finalist for Best Pre-School Blog
In 2016 I won the award for Best Pregnancy Blog

Best Baby Blog Winner 2013

Photo by Tom Arber Photography for the MAD Blog Awards.

And that’s all down to you – my loyal readers, for nominating me and then voting for me. Thank you so much for helping me win those accolades. Those awards, mean SO MUCH to me. They are the pinnacle of my blogging career and fill me with pride.

The MAD Blog awards ended in 2016 and have been greatly missed by all of us who were so lucky to go in the past.


I am SO EXCITED to hear that the MAD Blog awards are back for 2020. The only problem is that there are now more amazing blogs than ever. Competition is fierce and everyone wants a ticket to the awards, but you can only get one, by becoming a finalist.


Here is the part, where I ask you very sweetly, to please consider nominating me for a MAD Blog Award again in 2020.

I would be most grateful for nominations in the BEST BABY AND TODDLER INFLUENCER category.

I am also eligible in the following categories:
Favourite Family Lifestyle influencer
Favourite Tween and Teen Influencer

But the toddler category means the most to me.

I have documented so many moments of my parenthood journey on this blog, but you may have noticed the category now says “influencer” rather than blog. Well, you may or may not know, that as well as writing this blog, I also share my parenting journey on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too. Plus… I’ll take any excuse to wear a pretty dress!


MADS 2020


To nominate me for a MAD Blog Award, please:

Click here to go to the MADS nomination page

and in the box for Baby and Toddler Influencer (or whichever category you’d like to enter me for), you need to put:
It takes less than a minute to nominate and would mean a great deal to me. Thank you in advance, to those of you kind enough to do it.

You do NOT have to fill in every box. If you don’t have any other bloggers that you’d like to nominate, you can leave the other boxes blank. But here are a few suggestions of some other amazing “influencers” whom you might like to consider:

Mum of Three World
The Mummy Adventure
Inside Outside and Beyond
Not My Year Off
Susan K Mann
Williams World
Stressy Mummy
Pink Oddy

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