Our extension is now mid-build, so we are turning our attentions to how we will do up our garden, once the builders have left. We have lots of DIY ways to improve our garden and thought we should share them, for others wondering how to improve their own gardens.

Since we moved here, our garden has been a source of frustration, as we have been desperate to get cracking with it. It had broken, wonky, stained and uneven patio slabs, a dead allotment section and lots of rubbish which had been dumped by the people who lived here previously. The grass is 90% weeds, 10% grass, there were random concrete borders dotted about and a random bush in the middle. The fence once side is broken and the fence the other side was clearly put up by someone who has no idea how to put a fence up. There’s also not a single part of our garden which is completely flat, it’s all bumpy rises and dips.

Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash
Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

So Where Do We Start?

The Garden Fence

We are starting with the fences. We’ve already ordered three new fence panels to replace the broken ones and are choosing the best fencing paint to make them look nice. I think we are going to go with a dark blueish hued grey to match our neighbours fence. We’ve also requested a quote for our other fence to be completely redone.

The Lawn

We’ve decided the only way to improve the lawn is to hire a digger and a skip and completely flatten and re-turf the whole lot. Whilst this may be costly, it would simply be too much work to try and resolve it any other way. We will then have a nice level, weed-free lawn for the children (and bunnies) to play on.


We’ve decided we’d love some decking from our back door, going into the garden. We will add a seating area and the BBQ and possibly even a hot tub. The question is what colour of wood stain to go for?

Flowers, Arbours and Accessories

Onto the smaller things. We plan to have some quaint little stepping stones sunk into the grass, leading up to an arbour. I want to grow some climbing flowers up the back wall and have flower beds alongside both fences. I LOVE seeing things grow and I love trees, so we have been growing Japanese Maple trees in pots, which we will also plant in the garden. The world needs more trees and we intend to plant at least three, probably more.

Our DIY Garden

The end result will hopefully be a beautiful garden with nice grass, plenty of flowers, trees and places to sit, plus our decking area to relax in the evenings with family and friends. I love that it will be a DIY garden as our hard work will be so much more appreciated knowing the work and love that has gone into making it look nice.

What are your top DIY Garden tips?
Please share in the comments!

Disclaimer: Post written as part of a collaboration, but all words and opinions are entirely my own.

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