One thing we hadn’t factored into our home renovations projects, was wall art. Now that our new extension is complete, our new kitchen is almost complete and the lounge and hallway are almost complete, we have lots of wall spaces that just need “something”. The first question was whether to have mirrors, photographs, clocks or wall art. Some walls we’ve decided, definitely need some wall art of some kind.

Our lounge wall without any wall art!

I hadn’t realised just how many choices there would be, when choosing wall art for our home. Do we want canvas or acrylic? Do we want a framed print, a poster or a painting? Did you know you can get prints on metal and wood? And then there are tapestries too.

Fine Art America have a fantastic selection of wall art options and their website makes it easy to navigate through the different options. You can browse by room, browse by medium or browse by theme. Don’t be put off by the name – prices are in British Pounds and they are shipped to the UK.

Another bare wall that definitely needs some art (this is the hallway by our back door).

My children love the animal prints. My oldest daughter has a number of cat themed framed prints on her wall, so I think we will carry on the framed print theme, in all of the children’s bedrooms. We are currently undecided on whether the twins will be having a unicorn themed bedroom or a hare and rabbit themed bedroom. Bunny’s room is going to stay with a cat theme, but we are re-doing the whole room. Bear however, loves anything to do with space, dinosaurs or cars, so we will deviate away from the animal theme when it comes to his new bedroom.

Our bedroom wall definitely needs some sort of artwork too!

Downstairs, I’m not so keen on the idea of framed prints. We have photo tiles going up the stairs and I like that the image goes right to the edges. I think for downstairs, we will likely be looking at acrylic or canvas prints.

My favourite type of art, has to be landscapes. I love to be able to immerse myself in an image of nature, particularly if it has the sea in the image. I love the ocean and find it both calming and cleansing. Being by the sea is good for the soul. How gorgeous is this acrylic print by Sean Davey titled “Golden Mile”. I could definitely imagine that in my home. In fact, on closer inspection – I like all of Sean Davey’s images.

Image of the sunrise catching a rolling ocean wave close to the shore. This piece of art is called Golden Mile by Sean Davies and is available to purchase from Fine Art America
Golden Mile by Sean Davies – Available from Fine Art America

I typed in “Ocean Art” on Fine Art America’s website and it brought up 870,838 images. That. Is. Insane! Talk about spoilt for choice. How am I supposed to choice one now?

As a writer, another thing I have always absolutely loved, is quotes. So when you can get quotes in art, this makes my heart sing too. I love this one for example. It’s called “Home is wherever I am with you” and it was created by Linda Woods.

Green canvas art print which says "Home is wherever I am with you" by Linda Woods. Available to purchase from Fine Art America.
“Home is wherever I am with you” by Linda Woods – Available from Fine Art America

I also found you can get complete collections of art, so if I wanted to carry a full theme on throughout my house, I could do that, with prints that match. Like this seascapes collection by Larry Marshall.

Collection of 7 images of ocean sunsets which are part of Seascapes Collection by Larry Marshall - Available from Fine Art America
Seascapes Collection by Larry Marshall – Available from Fine Art America

Now I realise this is unlike me to do a whole post about one website, but when I was asked to take a look and see what I think, I was blown away by how much choice there was. And the prices are completely reasonable too. I was also impressed to find that I could buy everything from notebooks, to coffee mugs, to fleeces in the same designs as the prints. This is going to make continuity so much easier when it comes to decorating the childrens bedrooms. I highly recommend giving this website a browse if you are looking for wall art for your home.

Disclaimer: This post was written as part of a paid collaboration, but all words and opinions are entirely my own.

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