This is my list (in no particular order) of 30 ambitions I’d like to fulfil before I reach my 30th birthday (Feb 2016).

I will place a strike through each one I have completed and then you will be able to click on it to link to the accompanying blog post & photos.

My original 30 Before 30 Blog Post can be found here

My Pinterest Board of Photos can be found here


1) Watch a famous ballet
2) Go to an opera
3) Raise a substantial amount for charity (watch the video to see how much I raised)
4) Buy a house (I’d need to win the Scoop6 or the lottery first!!)
5) Try Water Skiing / Wakeboarding
6) See the Northern Lights
7) Do a first aid course
8) Learn Greek
9) Fly in a hot air balloon
10) Go paintballing
11) Go Ape (This is a treetop assault course – I don’t aspire to turn into a monkey or lose my marbles)
12) Take up some form of dancing
13) Do a cake decorating course
14) Go to a blogging event
15) Walk the entire Cotswold Way (102 miles) (I did walk the whole thing but more posts to come)
16) Get nominated for a Blog Award (I’ve now been nominated for 4 and taken home 2 trophies!)
17) Try indoor skydiving
18) Go Sphereing and/or zorbing
19) Go to the races as a customer with a full hospitality package!
20) Clear all my debts
21) Improve my credit rating from poor to excellent
22) Go on a cruise
23) Get my poetry published
24) Go to Turkey & have a Turkish Bath
25) Start my own business
26) Write a book and get a book deal
27) Go to Italy 
28) Have afternoon tea at The Ritz  (post coming soon)
29) Go to the Moulin Rouge for dinner and show
30) Visit Las Vegas, Canada, California & cross America by train

  1. For Bella and Will says:

    Ooh, I’ve got a 30 by 30 to!! No where near as exciting as yours but it’s personal to me like yours is to you 🙂
    I too am desperate to start my own business and/or get a book published. I’ve been paintballing, not to put you off but I fainted and I’m not really a wuss 🙂
    Good luck with your challenges, enjoy xxx

  2. Gemma McLaughlin says:

    I have just over 11 months before I reach 30 (eek) so if you need a buddy for any of these… I’m raring to go! Except for the credit rating thing.. I’m broke 😉

  3. Amelia's Mum says:

    Love this! I will have to do my 40 before 40, although I already have a bucket list. Gives me 9 years to do it all so more pressure! 🙂 the clearing debt one is definitely one for me too! X

  4. Kenny Stone says:

    #30- I’d love to help you out if you come to California. I work for the National Park Service out at Alcatraz, and if you ever make it to the San Francisco Bay Area, I’d LOVE to give all 5 of you a personal tour of The Rock.

  5. Mummy VS Daddy says:

    I’m pretty sure number 16 can be crossed off, right? 🙂 You were a BritMums BiBs finalist last year were you not? I’m sure you were, we remember voting for you!

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