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When I first became "Radioactive Mum" and the #S2S2D campaign began, a good friend of mine hashtagged all the people who were helping to promote awareness, with #EmmasArmy. I am now taking #EmmasArmy and running with it. I want to do good things. Big things. And to do it... I need YOU to join #EmmasArmy against Cancer!

First up for my army? To accomplish a mission I set out to achieve, a while back.

Emma's Army is going to walk a national trail known as The Cotswold Way. Yep... all 104 miles of it. We are going to do it to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

When? 15th - 24th May 2014.

Why? Well you only have to click on the tab above titled "Cancer", for all my Cancer posts, and hopefully some of those will give you some insight.

Cancer is destroying this beautiful world we live in, and affecting 1 in 3 of us. For my own family, it has affected every single one of us, whether physically or emotionally. By getting sponsored, to raise money for Cancer Research UK, we can contribute to finding a cure.

So listen up recruits...

I was going to walk this walk alone. Circumstances beyond my control, delayed my initial attempt a few years back, but I am NOT going to let my sponsors down. And on being reminded of the spectacular support I have received throughout my Cancer so far, I've decided, I don't want to walk alone!

I need both bloggers and non bloggers to join me.

I need people to shout loud about #EmmasArmy on social media too!

The walk goes from Chipping Camden to Bath, along The Cotswold Way. There is a 102 mile route and a 104 mile route... you know we're taking the high road!

I am splitting this route into sections, to complete over 10 consecutive days, so each section will be somewhere around 10 miles. The walk will go every morning and we will ensure that each day, every walker who starts, will finish (even if we have to carry someone).

You can see the full route plan, dates and distances here.

You may walk as many or as few sections/days as you wish.

I want a sense of community. Picture that scene in Forrest Gump, when everyone is running with him. (note: we will be walking - NOT running!)

I will arrange fun things along the way. From a friendly game of Truth or Dare (tasks tweeted to us), to photo challenges and maybe even a spot of singing!

The walk will finish in Bath on the last day with a big celebration (and hopefully some Press).

***Note*** Children capable of walking that far, are more than welcome to join in, just remember, it's quite a long way for their little legs! However the track is not suitable for pushchairs***

If you want to help via blogs/social media/promoting, but cannot do the walk - please fill out the form, but put "0" in the "number of days you want to walk" box.

Thankyou to Free Spirit Designs for creating the logo for me!


Can one blogger change the world? Probably not - but she can damn well try! - Emma Day


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    • Emma Day says:

      If I get enough interest, I’m thinking of having a little party in Bath at the end. There’s a lush rooftop spa in Bath too – perhaps we could combine with a blogger spa day to recuperate the following day!

  1. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) says:

    I signed up for this. Husband and I talked about the places and it will be a bit expensive for us to go there. WOuld it be okay if I will do a walk here and then donate the money that I raised for this cause. We been computing lately and finances are a bit hard.
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted..Living ArrowsMy Profile

    • Emma Day says:

      YES! This is absolutely fine! In fact, since you wrote this, I’ve been actively encouraging it. You can choose your own walk and choose your own date in May. Set up a Just Giving page and request to join the team, exactly as you would if you were walking it with me. Please drop me an email so we can get you set up and organised! xx

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