These are all the blog posts associated with my current pregnancy, which is a single pregnancy (not twins). Baby Bear is a little boy, due July 2016.

I’m having a bit of a juggle around on this blog, so very soon there will be a page like this with all my twin pregnancy posts in one place too.

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My Pregnancy Journey

4 Weeks Pregnant – Finding out
5 Weeks Pregnant – Can we keep it?
6 Weeks Pregnant – … And starting to feel it
7 Weeks Pregnant – Exhaustion, hypothyroidism, paramedics and an early scan
8 Weeks Pregnant – Peeing and farting for England
9 Weeks Pregnant – Getting dumped and becoming a squatter
10 Weeks Pregnant – The consultant’s verdict on my risk of HELLP Syndrome
11 Weeks Pregnant – Tears, court papers and more tears
12 Weeks Pregnant – Some hope and some relaxation
13 Weeks Pregnant – A magical moment ruined
14 Weeks Pregnant – Lonely single mum syndrome
15 Weeks Pregnant – The ultimate betrayal
16 Weeks Pregnant – Hatred, prayer and a gender scan
17 Weeks Pregnant – Complete and utter chaos
18 Weeks Pregnant – Finding my feet and finding myself
19 Weeks Pregnant – Glowing and growing
20 Weeks Pregnant – Norovirus, turning 30 and making a clean break
21 Weeks Pregnant – Feeling stronger
22 Weeks Pregnant – My 2nd trimester sugar binge
23 Weeks Pregnant – Sizeable kicks and nightmares
24 Weeks Pregnant – Infectious Myositis and Daddy goes AWOL
25 Weeks Pregnant – Bursting with motherly pride
27 Weeks Pregnant – Movement and moving forward
28-32 Weeks Pregnant – An update
33 Weeks Pregnant – Speeding through pregnancy
34 Weeks Pregnant – Rolling in to my 34 week growth scan
35 Weeks Pregnant – Revising motherhood

Gender Reveal Post and Video


A letter to my unborn son
A letter to my birth partner
A letter to myself – “Dear Emma, You can get through this!”

Former single pregnancies

Pregnant and Heartbroken
My Ectopic Miscarriage
Ectopic pregnancy post-surgery update
Ectopic Prose
Nearing my due date after an ectopic miscarriage

Pregnancy Product Reviews

Mumkind review (Nutritional snacks and drinks for pregnant women)