Wednesday Words.

It's about midweek that we all feel a bit of a lull. We aren't as fresh as we were at the start of the week. But we aren't close enough to the weekend to get excited about family time either. So to pick us up, inspire us, give us something to think about or smile to, or just to empathize with any kind of feeling, I'm introducing Wednesday words.

Every Wednesday I will blog a quote, a lyric or a poem.

All bloggers are welcome to join in too - here are the rules...

1. Blog a Quote / Lyric / Poem - You may include a brief introduction if you so wish.
2.  CREDIT! If you are not the author - you MUST credit the original author. If you do not, you will be violating copyright.
3. Grab my badge and add it to your post.
4.  Link up each Wednesday to my post
5. Read some others, comment, share, spread the love!

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Here are some of my previous Wednesday Words

5th March 2014 - The Howling
26th Feb 2014 - Distance and Friendship
12th Feb 2014 - Happiness is...
5th Feb 2014 - A new and unexpected friendship
30th Jan 2014 - Reinvention
22nd Jan 2014 - Unrecognisable
15th Jan 2014 - Crazy enough to change the world
8th Jan 2014 - New beginnings
18th Dec 2013 - I wish it could be Christmas every day
11th Dec 2013 - Bravery or survival?
4th Dec 2013 - Geiger Counter
27th Nov 2013 - Autumn Morning
20th Nov 2013 - Leisure
6th Nov 2013 - Your point of view
30th Oct 2013 - Big Blogger Party
23rd Oct 2013 - Finding Light
16th Oct 2013 - Distance of Friendship
9th Oct 2013 - Playground songs
2nd Oct 2013 - Singing to my children
25th Sept 2013 - Gratitude
18th Sept 2013 - Just one of those days
11th Sept 2013 - Insanity VS The Saatchi Bill
4th Sept 2013 - The plait
29th Aug 2013 - The Magician
21st Aug 2013 - Hard Work
14th Aug 2013 - Financial obstacles
7th Aug 2013 - Who are you?
31st July 2013 - Post holiday glow
24th July 2013 - hosted by VeViVos
17th July 2013 - If I were a Flower
10th July 2013 - Katie Piper
3rd July 2013 - Acts of Kindness
26th June 2013 - Online friendship
18th June 2013 - College friends
12th June 2013 - Our wedding readings
5th June 2013 - Bittersweet
29th May 2013 - For Jonny
22nd May 2013 - Mummy has to go away
15th May 2013 - Looking for Courage
8th May 2013 - A Christening Hymn
1st May 2013 - #S2S2D
24th April 2013 - Holiday
17th April 2013 - Silence & Noise
10th April 2013 - The Lullaby Trust
3rd April 2013 - Baby Making
27th Mar 2013 - My Mr Grey
20th Mar 2013 - Mr G (G for Guinea Pig)
13th Mar 2013 - Strength and Winning
6th Mar 2013 - Morals
27th Feb 2013 - Tatty Teddy Comforts
20th Feb 2013 - My 27th Birthday
13th Feb 2013 - A Quote for Valentines Day
6th Feb 2013 - These are the years
30th Jan 2013 - Wedding lyrics
23rd Jan 2013 - A Poem about Love and Health
16th Jan 2012 - Twin Girls

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