I wasn’t going to post today but I’m getting nagged by friends!!! 🙂

Today was my gorgeous girls 5th birthday and she was so excited about going to school so that her whole class could sing to her. I stuck a big “great to be 5” badge on her and we got up early so she could open her presents before school. All parents know that seeing your children smile and watching their faces light up when they open their birthday presents is one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood! I think she was hoping to get her two baby sisters as a birthday present but I couldnt give her that. I’m working on it! It does take me back to Bunny’s birth though, when in the height of labour, hubby found it hilarious to keep saying “May the 4th be with you”… I didnt find it quite so funny!

While she was in school I was back in hospital. This time I didnt have a bed but one of those funky remote controlled chairs. Don’t even get me started on todays boredom. There werent even any orgasming/contracting women to eavesdrop on today… just a few chavs moaning about food as they were nil by mouth while being tested for gestational diabetes. I decided to be nice and wait until they had all left before working my way through 1200 calories worth of food, while waiting for test results. The midwives announced they were going on lunch break and all disappeared for over an hour. I found some scales in the hallway and decided to have a play to entertain myself… Found out I’m now a WHOPPING 12 stones and 2 pounds… Just a little up from my usual 9 stones of bodyweight. I didnt think I’d gotten much bigger since my baby shower but I’ve put on over a stone and a half in those last 3 weeks!!! Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a weight watcher. I eat what I want when I want. Always have. So I’m not worried about shifting the baby weight… You mark my words, I’ll be in a tiny pair of hot pants and a cropped top by July!

Finally discharged after almost 5 hours in hospital and the results are still inconclusive. My BP is higher than wednesday but the doctor I saw today barely spoke any English and after so many times of asking “Pardon?”, “Sorry what was that?” and “would you mind repeating that?” I gave up trying to understand him and am resigned to the fact I now have to have repeat tests on sunday AND tuesday. Hubby wants them to just induce me to save the hassle but they say “thats not the safest option”. The poor man is getting very impatient… probably due to my moaning about heaving the weight of a small cruise ship around with me.

Talking of which, I couldnt beleive… as i struggled to get the door to the carpark open, an elderly couple barge past me, through the door and then have the nerve to say “Thankyou”! *AHEM* did this struggling pregnant woman really look as if she were holding the door open for you? NO. I get that you’re about mid sixties but you arent that old and surely your bus pass doesnt give you door priority over exploding pregnant women? Honestly, the old folk of today… No respect! (Okay rant over, I’m sorry!) There was however a very kind gentleman who held a door open for me today and on looking down at my tummy gave us a big smile and said “Good Luck”. A little kindness goes a long way in this world!

Took my princess to meet a friend at the local soft play centre after school. Honestly I just wanted to go home and nap, but its her last birthday as an only child so had to spoil her! When we got home she was so tired she fell asleep in a box. Bad mummy didnt notice for about 15 minutes as I thought she’d gone upstairs to her room! If you’re still questioning the last sentence… yes i said “in a box”

Gorgeous isn’t she! Anyway despite my crumby day, I’m a happy mummy coz I have a happy little princess whose had a wonderful birthday, what more could I ask for?  She’s my whole world and I love her so much!


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