I was determined not to wean the twins until they were at the very least… 6 months old (actual age). In fact, due to them being premature and very little, I was thinking more of going for 6 months birth-adjusted (7 months actual). This is bearing in mind that growth-adjusted they are two months behind as they stopped growing in the womb at 32 weeks gestation.

The twins… well they had other ideas!

Fluffy developed an obsession with watching people eat at the tender age of 4 months. She just couldn’t take her eyes off us when we ate our dinner. By 5 months Tiny was starting to show an interest too. It was at this point they decided that 5 bottles a day wasn’t enough. For a few days we added a 6th bottle because they started waking at 1am hungry. Fluffy had started mimicking us when we were eating. She’d sit in her chair practicing chewing.

The final straw came at 24 weeks, when me and the girls were sitting in Starbucks. Bunny and I were sharing some pancakes covered in chocolate sauce (mighty delicious I should add) and Fluffy was sitting there chewing…and chewing…and chewing (the air)!!!

I suddenly realised that it was cruel of me to make her wait any longer so we marched straight to boots to buy some bowls, spoons and baby rice.
 Guidance states that your baby should be over 4 months and double their birth weight before attempting weaning… Well the pair of them have piled on the pounds and by 24 weeks were around FOUR TIMES their birth weight. On the growth charts, they’ve gone from being on the 2nd percentile for their adjusted age, to the 50th percentile for their actual age – that is phenomenal growth!

I was determined to wean the twins together as they are so well synchronised with everything and it would be a very long process if I had to do it all twice. Aside from which, they both seemed to be ready.

…and so it begins!

Here’s Fluffy’s first try of baby rice…

This week I will be posting a whole week of posts on weaning my twins, including product reviews and some fab giveaways. So if you know anyone who is soon to wean their baby or babies – direct them to me. If that’s you… why not subscribe to my posts by email to make sure you don’t miss any of them!

  1. Claire says:

    Thank you soo much for this post! I felt exactly the same about my twins. With them being 4weeks early I wanted to leave them as long as possible. But I just couldn’t fill them up. They’re nearly 23weeks and they just love food!

  2. Stacey says:

    I went through the same thing with my twins. I was really determined to wait until the 6 month mark, but Mini Beef (my boy twin) was going through growth spurt, after growth spurt and just wasn’t ever satisfied with his milk.

    They’ve just turned one now and are happily feeding themselves, after refusing to eat anything off the spoon. Makes life a bit easier all round and they are definitely not fussy eaters.

    I think it’s always best to just go with your gut instinct, because most of the time, you’ll probably be spot on!
    Stacey recently posted..Ten Tips For Twin DadsMy Profile

  3. Coombemill - Fiona says:

    The weaning age increased after I had my triplets, back in my timeit was still at 4 months. I think you know when the time is right and certianly you were being told loud and clear! Looks like that baby rice is going down a treat. Thank you for sharing on Multiple Mayem.

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