Yesterday I blogged about how we decided when to wean the twins and the twins first spoonfuls of baby rice. Having tried baby rice for a few days, I was eager to see how the twins would react to something with a little flavour. HIPP Organic sent us a lovely box of goodies for them to try.

Introducing Flavour

We started off with the HIPP Organic Banana Porridge, which I OBVIOUSLY tasted as I was making it! I’d always been under the impression that baby food was bland and tasteless, but I was pleasantly surprised, you could really taste the banana! Anyway, back to the babies…

Their little faces lit up, their big eyes widened and they grinned at me. It was a turning point in our weaning journey as Fluffy actually started opening her mouth for it, rather than me having to wiggle the spoon in.

How much to feed?

I started off with one heaped spoonful of the cereal mixed with their baby milk as I wanted to wean them gradually and cautiously. This is because I started weaning just before 6 months and because the twins were premature and low birth weight, I was worried about overloading their tiny tummies. We are now up to two spoonfuls each – this makes a good ten baby spoonfuls of made up porridge for them to eat.

When feeding food from (100g) pouches I had been giving them a quarter of a pouch each but they are now moving onto half a pouch each. The HIPP Organic pouches are great because they have a screw cap lid and can be stored in the fridge for 24 hours.
 Should twins share food?

We use a separate spoon and bowl for each baby as you end up putting quite a bit of dribble back in the bowl and if they share… well that’s just not fair on the baby eating all the spit!

Savoury VS Sweet

For a while, HIPP’s Banana Porridge was the only food that they BOTH liked. You see Tiny is a lover of the savoury stuff whereas Fluffy has a sweet tooth and neither are too fond of the other.

The reaction we got from the HIPP Organic mini pots “My first banana yoghurt” was priceless. Tiny loved it and this is her face after eating it…
 Fluffy’s reaction was one that you really have to see for yourself – the fourth spoonful needless to say was the last!

So having tried porridges, yoghurts and fruity things, we thought the twinningtons might like to try something savoury:
HIPP Organic Beef, potatoes and carrots was gone in sixty seconds for Tiny, but Fluffy refused this one.

However the most surprising of all, considering my oldest daughter Bunny, refuses to eat vegetables, was the pouch of HIPP Organic Carrots, Cauliflower and Peas… Both babies loved it, wanted seconds and consumed a whole pouch (between them) in one feeding.

Other HIPP Organic products we’ve been sampling:

HIPP Organic Creamy Porridge – A big hit with both girlies, we alternate between this, the banana porridge and baby rice at breakfast time.

HIPP Organic Mini Pots “My First Strawberry Yoghurt” – A hit with Fluffy and a miss with Tiny – So that sorts out the great yoghurt debate – Tiny can eat the banana ones and Fluffy can eat the strawberry ones!
 When they are ready for lumpy food

Very soon we will be trying out:
HIPP Organic Scrummy Spaghetti Bolognese (pouch)
HIPP Organic Creamy Tomato and Leek Pasta (pouch)
HIPP Organic Plum and Pear Pudding (Jar)
These are for babies 7 months and over as they start to introduce small lumps

COMING SOON TO A BLOG NEAR YOU (okay my blog to be precise)
A fab weaning giveaway from HIPP Organic – but I can’t tell you the rest yet – it’s a secret!

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🙂 xxx

Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of payment for this post. I was sent some baby food products by HIPP Organic to review from my own perspective. All opinions are completely honest and entirely my own. I was not influenced by any brand, company or individual.

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