Fluffy decided to get Chicken Pox for Christmas!

At first I was quite shocked and a little worried when I pulled back her vest and found the spots that had appeared over the course of just a few hours. I called the Doctor as I had no idea what the rash was. We went in and two doctors confirmed it… Chicken Pox.

So what do they look like?
Well… little red fluid filled blisters really. Sometimes the fluid looked a yellowy white colour – just before they burst. They appear all over the body… including between toes, between fingers, on scalp and in ears.

Chicken Pox are HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS up until the point where they are all scabbed over. According to the doctor, you only need to pass somebody in the street with Chicken Pox and BOOM, infection passed on. In fact, Chicken Pox are at their MOST contagious point, in the two days BEFORE the rash even develops. Therefore any children, babies or pregnant women, you’ve come into contact with in those two days… you should warn.

Chicken Pox are generally, not dangerous. Although they can be dangerous for Pregnant women or anyone with Cancer or an immune system disorder. You should also keep an eye out for any signs of infection as it is possible for an individual pock or cluster of pox to get infected.

Knowing that the incubation period for Chicken Pox is 7-14 days – from contact, to developing the rash, Fluffy’s unexplained illness two weeks before, was now explained (Children often get poorly first). We fully expected Tiny to develop the pox too, seeing as they go everywhere together and she had also been a bit poorly. Bizarrely though, it didn’t happen.

Seeing as she is still an infant, we were concerned about the effects of Chicken Pox on a 7 month old. We worried for nothing. Fluffy carried on as normal, her pox didn’t bother her at all. So her pox were actually much easier to deal with than when Bunny had them at two years old.

Fluffy’s pox have now all scabbed over and are healing nicely. We welcomed in the New Year, safe in the knowledge that we weren’t going to pass Chicken Pox on to our friends children and then BOOM! 2nd January, Tiny’s Pox appear! Meaning that NYE… yep… She was highly contagious! Brilliant! I’ve now had to apologise to my friend, that his son will now more than likely get Chicken Pox!

Tiny is not taking it as well as Fluffy did. She is hot, grumpy, agitated and trying to scratch!

People had suggested lots of different lotions and potions and even putting Bicarbonate of Soda in their bath to dry the Pox out. I have refused to try any of those, although we did use Calamine on Bunny when she had it. Bunny now gets bad eczema, so I want to avoid doing anything that might bring it on for the twins – like drying out their skin. I also think that sometimes, some things are best left to heal naturally. So that is what we have chosen to do.

It’s quite sad watching all these nasty spots appear all over my beautiful babies, but with twins, it goes without saying that it will all happen twice. The joy of being a mummy is that I can see past the ugly pox and still think my girls are the most beautiful children to grace the planet!

  1. purplecrazymum says:

    I hope tiny feels better soon! My little girl still hasn’t had chicken pox yet and I am dreading it. Was calamine lotion what brought on eczema with bunny? Only I get eczema and if it could brinng it on for Eva I will probably avoid using it too x

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      It may have or it may have been coincidental, but either way, Calamine dries out the skin and so does Bicarb. I personally feel it’s important not to dry out a newborns skin, so eczema or no eczema, I am just avoiding it. Aside from which, I’ve never found calamine to particularly work anyway. I used it whilst pregnant when a rash appeared on my belly. For three days I substituted my body butter for calamine – in those three days I got stretch marks, when I previously hadn’t any – and it didn’t soothe the itch at all! xx

  2. Anne says:

    I happened to scroll iver the internet about chicken pox. Because my 3 month old has this. We didn’t see any signs and symptoms. I just noticed 5 days ago that there are few blisters on her scalp, tummy and back. We immediately went to the doctor and confirmed it’s chickenpox and advised us to have her confined for IV medication. But my husband said she’s too young and tiny for the iv thing so we just stay in the house. And he added that she will survive because she has strong immune system. He had colds when i gave birth to our daughter and we both had colds but our little cookie wasn’t really impressed about it and was fine. I had shingles 2 weeks ago and that is where she got exposed since she is a pure breastfeed. I tried formula milk and she didn’t drink at all. So i have no choice but to continue breastfeeding her in my left breast. Shingles often affects one side of the body and my right body part was the most affected one. The doctor gave me an antiviral medicines and just a week, my shingles didn’t spread out.

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