Wednesday Words

As you know, last week, while I was in hospital, I had to endure two and a half days without my beautiful girls. When I got home I could cuddle them, but wasn’t allowed to pick them up, because of my wound from the surgery. I found this really tough because I am so incredibly close with my children. There is nothing in this world I love more than cuddling my children and if I could do only that, all day every day, I would.

So I thought this poem entirely fitting for this weeks Wednesday Words. This poem resonates so much with me, that reading it makes me well up with tears of happiness and love.

These are the Years – by Barbara Burrow
These are the years, the gentle years,
the soft and sentimental years
when wee little fingers
reach and touch
and little eyes gaze
with wonder and trust,
when you love so tenderly
and so so much,
these are the gentle years.

These are the years, the rainbow years,
the quiet, walk-on-tiptoes years,
the years of laughter
and smiles and sighs
when both of you watch
with misty eyes
the tiny bed
where a cherub lies,
these are the rainbow years.

These are the years, the tender years,
the blissful, sweet-surrender years,
when your little treasure
from above
is the soul and purpose
and centre of
your plans and dreams
and dearest love,
these are the tender years.

                                                                         © Barbara Burrow

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Wednesday Words

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  1. CupcakeMumma says:

    This is a lovely poem and very fitting. I hope you are doing ok, have been thinking of you. Also wanted to say thank you for a comment you posted on my blog recently, I bloody accidentally deleted it but wanted to say thanks!x

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      I can cuddle them if someone hands them to me, I just can’t lift them. But in hospital they weren’t allowed to visit and I’d not been away from them before. THAT was hard! Yes it makes tears prick at my eyes. A really good depiction of parenthood I feel. I hope I may be able to write that well one day. xx
      CrazyWithTwins recently posted..Wednesday WordsMy Profile

  2. EmilyTealady says:

    Such a heartfelt poem, as I am waiting to go into labour it makes me even more exicted to meet my little bubba. I hope you are feeling better and are able to have some cuddles now or very soon x

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