Wednesday Words

This weeks Wednesday Words from me is a little cheesey I’m afraid, but it’s something I promised to share with you!

When I go into hospital, Bunny keeps my Tatty Teddy to cuddle when she misses me, and to remind her that even outside of visiting hours, she can phone me any time she wants to talk to me. You see, Tatty Teddy was given to me by my brother when I was in hospital 6 years ago. I didn’t know at the time of my Septicaemia (from a kidney infection) that I was pregnant with Bunny. Tatty Teddy makes people feel better because he has a poem on his T-Shirt.

I guess the copyright for this is with the makers of MeToYou bears. If anyone knows otherwise – please let me know!

Link up a quote, poem, short story or set of lyrics below if you want to join in – Please credit the original author.

To steal my badge … You can’t this week as it has given me a 4 hour nightmare and nearly destroyed my blog! Hopefully will have it working next week. xx

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      Aww that’s lovely that you passed your teddy on. We swap back when I’m home so that my teddy and her baby rhino (that she makes me take to hospital) still belong to us – it’s the act of borrowing that makes my teddy soothing when I’m away. It probably smells of me. xx

  1. SarahC (@madyline) says:

    I know it’s Thursday, not Wednesday, but I did get the poem up on Wednesday (I scheduled the post!) because I love this idea and I want to have some “Hurrah” for poetry going on. Poetry is great, whether on a teddy jumper, or in an ancient tome.
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