I have never made soup before! There I said it. So i decided to give it a go. I wanted it to be a thrifty soup too, to coincide with my attempts to be more frugal. SO… this soup, cost me… £1!

I bought two 1kg veg bags from the supermarket, in the reduced section, for 50p each.

2kg Veg (carrots, parsnips, swede and one onion)
250ml Stock (chicken or vegetable)
100ml water
Double cream – to taste

1. Leave 2kg of vegetables on the kitchen side and politely ask your significant other, the peel and chop it all. (I’m afraid this is where you luck out if you don’t have a significant other! Sorry.)

2. Put all the veg in a slow cooker, along with 250ml chicken or vegetable stock.

3. Add a further 100ml water and any seasoning you wish to add (I added black pepper, paprika & season all).

4. Cook on the slow setting for 6-8 hours

5. Using a blender, puree the veg

6. Add double cream if you prefer a thinner soup

I found this made enough for 4 LARGE bowls of soup. I added the cream in last, so that I could freeze what we didn’t eat (I didn’t put cream in the ones I froze). Can you freeze cream?

I found this soup to be rather delicious, but very very filling!

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There were some great recipes last week over at the blog of a frugal family and #CookitBlogit will be back there next week.

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