THANKYOU   THANKYOU   THANKYOU (in shouty capitals) to all my beautiful readers who nominated me in The MAD Blog Awards! I can’t believe it… There were over 65,000 nominations, thousands of blogs and only 5 finalists in each catagory but I am one of them!

So what happens now?

Well you have between now and 26th March 2013 to vote for the WINNER! I am already completely overwhelmed to be a finalist, but it would be magical if you could spare 10 seconds more to vote for me. This is the last round of voting I promise!

Click here to go to the voting page

Voting is much easier than nominating – It’s just one page and you don’t have to put in my URL – just select Crazy with Twins from a drop-down list.

When I first found out I was so shocked, it didn’t really sink in. In fact I think it is only just sinking in now that the voting is open! I had lots of tweets about the MAD finalists but didn’t understand what any of them were talking about, until I clicked onto the page and saw myself there in black and white! I feel so honoured to be on this list and to be going to the awards. Thankyou all so much! I will do my best to keep writing the posts you love and sharing a little bit of our family lives with you!

Just to remind you if you do vote for me… Here are the real finalists…

  1. Barb says:

    Hey girlie (and 3 little girlies),
    You got the vote! Go get ’em!!!! :)))))
    No reason you shouldn’t be #1 with this sweet blog and sweeter roundy faces!!

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