Wednesday Words

For this week's #WednesdayWords I'm quoting Katie Piper, who read an emotional keynote speech at Britmums Live, of which three words in particular resonated with me.

"Survivors Wear Scars" 

I am proud of my scars.

I have three scars from having a hickman line for two years, whilst undergoing Chemotherapy for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia as a child. Having this line in my chest (threaded through my neck and down into the heart) meant I didn't need to have many injections or needles. Most of my drugs and all my blood tests used this line. It saved me a great deal of pain and distress.

I don't hide my scars. I'm proud to be a survivor of Leukaemia.

I have three scars from having a laparoscopy (camera in the stomach), when a Kidney Infection developed into Septicaemia (blood poisioning) and I had suspected internal bleeding.

I don't hide my scars. I'm proud to have survived Septicaemia (and Pyelonephritis).

Not only this but unbeknown to us, I was 2 weeks pregnant with Bunny, when I underwent that procedure. My scars show that she is a survivor too.

My biggest scar is the one on my neck. The scar from where they took my Cancerous Thyroid in January (and March) this year.

I don't hide my scars. I may not have won the war yet, but I am fighting this Cancer and I am hoping this scar too, will prove me to be a survivor.

Scars aren't ugly to me. They are war-wounds to be worn with pride, and I don't think I could have put it any better than Katie Piper.

"Survivors wear scars"
                                     © Katie Piper

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Wednesday Words

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