In my goody bag from Britmums Live, was a Hello Kitty book. Hello Kitty and Friends: The Friendship Club, by Linda Chapman and Michelle Misra.

Bunny loves Hello Kitty.

She took the book straight upstairs and started reading it to herself. I was amazed, because after having to have extra phonics lessons at school, I knew Bunny wasn’t very confident at reading. This was the first time that she had chosen to read herself. Not only that, but she read at a consistent speed and there was only about one word per page, that she needed help with.

The book’s pages are in black and white (like a real grown up book), yet at the same time, there are still pictures on every page. There is a key in the front of the book, which shows the characters pictures and names.

The book has 98 pages and is split into six chapters, which makes nice chunks for bedtime reading.

The story follows Hello Kitty, her TWIN sister and her new friends at a new school. They form a friendship club , but whilst deciding on “rules” for the club, they lose the meaning of friendship. The book is loaded with morals and teaches children (and Hello Kitty) that all children are different, that they all enjoy different things, and that that is okay. It highlights the importance of respecting individuality in friendships. I feel this is something that is perfect for Bunny’s age (6) as these are the kinds of lessons she is learning in real life at her own school.

Bunny loves this book and enjoys reading it alone, or having it read to her. I think it is well targeted and thought out. These are very much aimed at little girls, but show that the characters have both boy and girl friends. There are also interactive activities at the back of the book, including cut outs, ideas and secret codes. This adds to the sense of wanting to complete the collection.

The Hello Kitty and Friends books are published through Harper Collins and there are six in the current series. Bunny now desperately wants them all!!!

I now have one copy of Hello Kitty and Friends: The Friendship Club, to give away to one lucky reader! Complete the Rafflecopter below to enter…

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Disclaimer: This book was given to me as a gift, but I was under no obligation to write a review. All words and opinions are entirely mine (and my 6 year old daughters).

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