Primrose Vale July 2013 (3)

At the weekend, I took the girls to one of Bunnys favourite places. It’s called Primrose Vale and it’s a PICK YOUR OWN farm.

I first took Bunny when she was about three years old. We went Strawberry picking. Now it’s one if those places we go every summer. It’s lovely on a hot day and it encourages us to eat fruit. The twins LOVE strawberries too.

Primrose Vale strawberry picking

I also think that fruit picking is a nice tradition to pick up. I have fond memories of fruit picking with my gran when I was a little girl.

There are loads of different fruits and veg you can pick, but I’m too ignorant about fruit and veg to know when anything else is ripe! There’s something delectably summery about strawberries anyway.

Primrose Vale Collage2

They also have a fantastic farm shop a café and a play park… More reasons why Bunny loves it. We came home this weekend with 2kg of strawberries… I guess we got a little carried away!

Primrose Vale Collage3

  1. alexi says:

    nice i’m in Austrlalia i think it might be a bit hot for them where i am . I’ve wanted to grow hydroponicly . Hydroponics is whern you get a plastic pipe put holes in the top a stopper at eahc ebd and holes on top . the pipe is filled with water and nutrient souloution then you put styrofoam coffe cup filled with vermiculite its ( some use sawdust or rock wool ) with the plant growing in it the you put the cups in the hole on top of the pipes and change the water periodoicly and put more souloution in it

  2. Aly says:

    I’ve yet to take the kids to a pick your own farm so this looks like a great place to go with their granddad during the Summer holidays..

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