Walkers have launched a new range of crisps; a healthier range of crinkle cut crisps. Here’s what we thought of them…

Tiny likes Mighty Lights – because… they are food, she just likes food, she doesn’t care what it is, as long as she can eat it!

Fluffy likes Mighty Lights – because she can play games with Mummy and Daddy – like throwing them on the floor, so we have to pick them up for her! She also shares the same view as Tiny. But more to the point – because they aren’t full of nasty additives – the twins are allowed to eat them!

Bunny likes Mighty Lights – because they are nice flavours and they are crinkly. Also because she stands a chance of being allowed crisps in her lunchbox as they are much healthier than other varieties of crisps!

Jonny likes Mighty Lights – because it means I might start buying crisps again in the food shop! Jonny is a bit of a cJonny, so I limit his crisp intake, but as these are low in fat (30% less than standard crisps) one packet a day won’t hurt! He liked all three flavours – Lightly Salted, Roast Chicken and Cheese & Onion.

I like Mighty Lights – because they don’t contain MSG or any artificial colours or preservatives. They are a source of fibre, made from real potatoes, suitable for vegetarians and only contain 4 ingredients. Personally, I think they could be further improved by removing the flavourings from the Lightly Salted flavour – they don’t taste like Lightly Salted crisps as they have unneccesary additional flavours. I can’t fault the other flavours though. They are nice and crunchy, but not too much so.

It would seem that Walkers Mighty Lights get a high five from the Crazy family!



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. I received 18 packets of crisps and a small amount of money in exchange for my time spent testing and reviewing this product. All opinions are entirely my own.

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