You can guarantee that as soon as Christmas eve hits, the shops will be putting out their Valentines day products. As soon as Feb 14th approaches, an abundance of bunnies, chicks and chocolate will be upon us too. 

I’ve never been much of an early bird for anything (my family are now guffawing and spitting out their tea). I am renowned for leaving things to the last minute and being late everywhere. My family and friends ask me to be places half and hour before they plan to meet me, so they don’t have to wait so long. 

In fact, I even leave Christmas to the last minute, and some years have been known to take full advantage of the “January Sales” which actually seem to start on 23rd December nowadays, to buy Christmas presents! It’s actually a pretty smart move, because you get everything you’d have bought anyway, but a lot cheaper! (Perhaps not the best advice to give Santa though – as he would never be forgiven for not being able to buy that sold-out toy!).

I consider my lack of early planning, to be down to my live-in-the-moment attitude. HOWEVER, I can plan exciting things, WAY ahead of time, VERY VERY WELL. Like… fundraisers, parties and holidays!

Let’s face it – holidays are always best planned in advance, because then you have all that time for the excitement to build! So if you are thinking of holidays… the answer to my headlining question is… NO! It is most certainly NOT too early to think about Easter. I’ve even been thinking about maybe planning a holiday in August next year!

We went on a lovely English countryside holiday last year, and a seaside minibreak too. My sister went somewhere I’ve never actually been to… Butlins. She had a lovely time there and so I think I might book now for Easter breaks 2014 at Butlins.




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