Ferry or Plane?

Well I know which I prefer! Partly because I have a huge fear of flying (I do still fly, but I generally cry for some of the flight) and partly because I have a huge love of boats, from little dinghies to great big ships.

When Bunny was about 2 years old, I took her on a mummy-daughter road trip. We went to France. We drove from Cheltenham to the the ferry port and sailed across to France. We deliberately got the night ferry and a cabin, so we could enjoy the entertainment in the bar, with a cocktail, and get a good sleep.

Bunny LOVED the ferry and I did too, especially when I found out the perfume shop accepted cheques! I

We drove to The Loire Valley, Nantes and La Rochelle. We were away for four nights and had a fabulous time, night one on the ferry, night two in a big hotel, night three in a tent (NEVER AGAIN) and night four in a motel. The most enjoyable of these, was actually the night on the ferry – for the sheer adventure of it, and because our cabin was so cosy!

Once I’ve sorted out my old photos, I’ll blog a full post about our road trip across France. The highs and the lows (including phoning my mum crying because it was raining so hard on our tent, and also the tale of almost missing the ferry home).

I’d like to repeat this journey one day – but on a larger scale – drive further, take the whole family, and stay longer!

But for now, I just wanted to share an infographic I found, made by Brittany Ferries, which brought back such lovely memories of our trip, and asks you the question…

Ferry or Plane?

Ferry to France vs Plane

Image source: Brittany Ferries – Ferry To France VS Plane

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  1. Mrs Teepot says:

    I prefer the ferry, when we go across to the UK we always get a cabin on the ferry so we can take a nap even if it’s a day ferry, so we feel refreshed, it passes some of the time too. We all find it more restful and relaxing than flying and, of course, you can pack far more things!

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