I know it is only January, but we’ve booked two short UK breaks this year already. One  in Scotland in May and one in Devon in June. I’d have really loved a holiday abroad this year, but it’s just not something that funds will allow. So instead, I am focussing on our UK holidays and planning ahead for things we will need.

I know the weather in Scotland is meant to be a lot colder and even more unpredictable than it is down here in Southern England, so we will be packing warm clothing for the Scottish break.

We are HOPING that Devon in June will be warm. We managed to get sunburn in Devon in April last year, so sun lotion is high on the agenda this time!

Either way, both holiday resorts have fantastic swimming pools. Swimming pools are more often than not, one of the deciding criteria, when we are choosing a holiday, be it in the UK or abroad. So I think it’s about time we treated ourselves to some new swimsuits and some nice big beach towels.

In truth, we only have three beach towels and they are all different sizes. The poor twinningtons don’t have any. Every time we went to the Lido last year, we took normal bath towels, which for some reason, makes me feel a bit self conscious!

I’m very much looking forward to our holidays, but at the same time, the kids are growing up so fast, I won’t be wishing the year away. I shall also be holding onto the secret hope, that by some miracle, we’ll be able to afford a holiday abroad later in the year. Our absolute favourite country is Cyprus, but I’d also really love to go to Italy, Greece and Turkey. I would also love to see the Northern Lights and explore parts of Europe by train,

But for now, I am grateful for the short UK breaks we have lined up. The children will have so much fun and it will be a great way to celebrate all their birthdays!


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