Time, is a controversial issue in my house.

There’s me… I was born late and born to be late. I have always been late everywhere, all my life. It’s in my nature and there’s not much anyone can do about it. I try my best to be on time, of course, but it just never happens. Anyone who knows me, adds on 30 minutes to the time they want to meet me. I then get there on time and all is well.

Jonny, makes irritatingly exaggerated estimates of time. He will say we need to be somewhere, about four hours before we actually need to be there. I find being early, hugely embarrassing, so that’s no good for me. However, despite his way out estimates, he is also often one of the causes of us being late when we go out. As he will be ready four hours early, he will then refuse to do anything to help the rest of us in packing. So when we are on our way out the door, he’ll be sat there watching tv and suddenly decide we’ve forgotten loads of things and then he needs a wee.

You know the stereotypical quotes about having to stop fifty times at the motorway services because the kids need the loo? Well in our house it’s Jonny. And then of course, he likes to travel the most indirect route he can possibly find on the map, and insist it’s the fastest.

As for Bunny, well her concept of time depends on what she wants. If she’s hungry and dinner is five minutes away, she will say “But that’s going to take ten thousand days”. Hmm. Not much I can say to that is there. We’ve bought her some “tell the time” cards to help her learn.

I bought Jonny a gold watch as a wedding present, but have never found the money to get the battery changed in my own watch. Perhaps I should get a new one?

I am probably the worst person for buying watches. I once managed to break three watches in three days. The reason being, that I have a terrible memory and if it’s not waterproof, I will get straight in the bath with it on, and not realise until it’s too late. So it’s vital that all my watches are water resistant. I also like them to still look feminine and pretty and I’m not a fan of plastic or leather straps! My tiny wrists, also make it difficult to find a watch that fits.

There are some stunning watches on The Watch Hut website. I really like the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection and many of these are water resistant, at least for shallow water swimming, if not for up to 50 metres. I particularly like the Henry and the Amy (just in case Jonny wants to buy me one for Valentines day!). There are also some lovely Michael Kors watches, like this stunning watch with tiny crystals all over it.

Perhaps between us all, we might be able to tell the time?!

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