I am thrilled at the response so far to my campaign #EmmasArmy against Cancer. So far there are 35 people signed up and 22 of those people are walking at least one section of the walk.

The targets...
I would like to get 100 people to walk at least one section of The Cotswold Way.
I would like us to collectively raise £50,000 for Cancer Research UK.

You can sign up to join #EmmasArmy here.

Here is the route that #EmmasArmy will be walking, the mileage and the dates.

  • Day 1 : Chipping Camden - Stanton           10.3 miles     Thurs 15th May
  • Day 2 : Stanton - Cleeve Hill                       12.7 miles     Fri 16th May
  • Day 3 : Cleeve Hill - Leckhampton Hill        10.2 miles     Sat 17th May
  • Day 4 : Leckhampton Hill - Coopers Hill       8.6 miles     Sun 18th May
  • Day 5 : Coopers Hill - Kings Stanley           12.8 miles     Mon 19th May
  • Day 6 : Kings Stanley - Dursley                    9.7 miles     Tues 20th May
  • Day 7 : Dursley - Alderley                            11.4 miles    Weds 21st May
  • Day 8 : Alderley - Old Sodbury                      8.7 miles    Thurs 22nd May
  • Day 9 : Old Sodbury - Cold Ashton               8.9 miles     Fri 23rd May
  • Day 10 : Cold Ashton - Bath Abbey             10.2 miles     Sat 24th May

Day 4 is the shortest and Day 5 is the Longest.

If you are wondering, why some days are shorter than others, I had to choose stopping points that I could both measure and that are accessible by road. For example, if we just stopped at 10 miles, we'd most likely, be in a field, in the middle of nowhere. I don't think anyone would thank me, if they had a 6 mile walk to the nearest road AFTER walking 10 miles.

With regards to transport, we have a few options...
Anyone being dropped off at the start point and picked up at the end point for a section of the walk, is best to do that.

For everyone else...
On some parts of the route, there is a bus service, which will take us back to our cars. For all sections without a bus route, I will have either a car, people carrier or minibus, parked at the end of the route, to transport you all safely back to our starting point. It is important you let me know as soon as possible, which day or days, you plan to do. This will make it easier for me to see what numbers we have, and to plan how to get people back to their cars / trains / buses / homes.

Once you know which day you would like to do, please send an email
emma @ crazywithtwins . com (remove the spaces)
with the following information:

Day or Days you'd like to walk:
Mobile number (to be used on the day and the night before):
Do you have any family members or friends walking with you?:
Are you interested in coming to a celebration in Bath at the end of Day 10?

I will then email you an invitation to join the group on Just Giving and you can start getting your sponsorship.

If you are a blogger
- please add the badge to your blog and tweet me any posts you write about #EmmasArmy

I'm part of #EmmasArmy

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