Wednesday Words

I'm very lucky to be blessed with many friends.

Friends from all walks of life.

Friends I've known a lifetime and friends I've only known a little.

Friends who just like to chat sometimes, and friends who'd walk to the end of the earth to make me smile.

Friends I can laugh with and friends I can cry with.

Friends nearby and Friends near to my heart.

Friends who always seem to need me and friends who pop up when I need them.

Yet I always have space for more friendships and sometimes they come when you least expect them.

I've recently made a new friend. The wife of a friend I once dated, a long time ago.

Our friendship started hesitantly at first, but without trying, it has grown quickly.

This person is called Katie.

In the few short weeks we have known each other, we have both done each other favours, we've hung out together a few times and we chat online a lot. And the trigger for this unexpected friendship? Without knowing me, but just from hearing about my story... she decided to walk The WHOLE of the Cotswold Way with me in support of my campaign, #EmmasArmy against Cancer.

Nobody knows where each of their friendships will take them, but I am glad that she got in touch and took the decision to get to know me better.

So for this weeks #WednesdayWords I want to share a quote I found, which instantly made me think of her...

“Invest in the human soul.  Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.”  
―     Mary McLeod Bethune

I then found another quote on the same theme, which I thought was lovely and really sums up my experience of the blogging community - as well as Katie and many of my other friends.

“Don't be so afraid of opening up, that you hold yourself hostage. Let some light in. If you must turn away, close your eyes and take my hand. We can be brave together.”
 - Rita Said

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