One of the overwhelmingly huge highlights of a very dark and difficult year last year, was winning Best baby blog at the MAD Blog Awards.

Best Baby Blog Winner 2013

Photo by Tom Arber Photography for the MAD Blog Awards.

I can’t begin to tell you how much that meant to me. Particularly considering that the absolute hardest, darkest parts of my year, were those when I couldn’t cuddle my beautiful babies, due to my Cancer treatment. And even more so, because I am unable to have any more babies, without putting my life in grave danger.

I was so overwhelmed at the awards ceremony, that my speech consisted of one simple word, so I followed it with a blogged acceptance speech. I did shed a few happy and shocked tears afterwards and I had a lovely chat in the loos with Laura who blogs at Tired Mummy of Two (one of my fave blogs), who said I was shaking like a leaf. I had a truly incredible night and I felt honoured to be in the company of a room full of such fantastic writers and inspirational people.

And guess what… the 2014 MAD Blog Award nominations are now open!

This year, I am not eligible in the Baby category as my little cherubs are now technically toddlers!

But if any of you do still enjoy reading my blog, and you fancy nominating me… I would LOVE to receive nominations in the categories I’m eligible for.

These are:

Writer – Perhaps you like my poetry, or the way I tell my life story?
Family Fun – There is so much of this on my blog.
School Days – I’ve blogged lots about Bunny’s school life, including a few rants!
Mad Blog of the Year – well… I’d love to be nominated for this… but who knows?

Or perhaps, if you feel I’ve achieved a lot with my fundraising and raising awareness over the last year, you might consider nominating me in the Outstanding Achievement category? Now this one has a big question mark hanging over it. Have I done enough to deserve nominations in this one? I’m not saying I have, but I’ll let you decide on that one.

Here are the things I did achieve…
Whilst battling Cancer myself (for the second time), along with my Dad and Grandad too, I raised over £300 for MacMillan Cancer Support, as well as talking about my experiences live on stage at the Christmas lights switch on, to raise awareness of the good the MacMillan do. I ran Race For Life for the first time and raised over £1300 for Cancer Research UK. I wrote an awful lot of blog posts, raising awareness of Thyroid Cancer, The Saatchi Bill and Cancer related charities, as well as continuing to raise awareness of HELLP Sydrome and Pre-eclampsia in pregnancy. And then, when I got the all-clear, I set up the #EmmasArmy campaign, which currently has 35 team members and I am aiming for over 100. My target is to collectively (with the help of some amazing volunteers) raise £50k for Cancer Research UK by walking 104 miles and getting my army to walk alongside me. You can join #EmmasArmy by clicking here.

And if you love me or my blog enough… you can nominate me for a 2014 MAD Blog Award by clicking here.

Thank you once again, SO MUCH, for everyone who nominated and voted last year. You really helped to put a positive spin on a tough time.

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