If you’re anything like me… you say “I love you” to your baby about a thousand times a day.

And sometimes, it feels like they are saying it back. Here are my top five baby love moments…

1. That smile. That beautiful, innocent, baby smile. The smile that says a thousand words. When your precious bundle of joy is looking you straight in the eyes and their smile is formed especially for you!

2. When they study your face. Baby gets lost examining, studying, remembering every minute detail of your face, eventually finding your eyes.

Daddy & Tiny

3. The moment the crying stops. When you lift your bawling baby into your arms and the second you envelope them in a cuddle, the tears stop. You look into those teary eyes and the love takes your breath away.

4. When they babble. We don’t know what it is they want to say, but they are happy, they are looking at you and they are babbling. I’m pretty sure they are saying “I love you”.

5. Tiny arms reaching out. Whether baby is grabbing your finger, pulling your hair or biting your cheek, just knowing they are making that effort to make physical contact with you. That innocent baby touch, the gesture. It says the very same.

daddy and bunny

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